Elections deliver new ASB president

Drake Olson

As the bright spotlight shines rays of heat onto the stage, sweat slowly trickles down each presidential candidate?s face. Eager to grasp the presidential seat, each campaigner delivered a speech, hoping to impact the minds of the students.

Classes were shortened in order for the candidates to address the student body and the voting was held during lunch on May 5. The Associated Student Body (ASB) elections were held with three students vying for the position of student body president.

?There was really no competition between us,? Brandon Cain, ?06, said. ?We are all friends and we respect each other.?

Junior Tara Albrechtson collected the majority of the votes, triumphing over fellow junior classmates Kim Bimat and Cain.

?I was very surprised to win,? Albrechtson said. ?The whole sense of being president is quite overwhelming.?

Student leadership?s advisers, Josh Tosland and Ericlee Gilmore, help coordinate school and leadership activities.

?Tara has shown that she is ready and capable to take on the role of student body president,? Tosland said. ?I know she will try to be the best president possible.?

The leadership advisers will soon appoint the positions of vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

?I hope to raise the positive attitude of the next school year,? Albrechtson said. ?I want everyone to come together and just have fun with the planned activities.?

For more information about ASB or student leadership contact Tosland at [email protected] or call 297-9464, ext. 5 for the high school office.