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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

Letter to the Editor

Excuses evoke negligence

An influx of homework and exhaustion are common excuses teenagers use to avoid tasks. Chores, including trash disposal and pet clean up, are usually comprised in the list of duties that many prefer to neglect.

?I make up excuses so I don?t have to do chores,? Frank Daniel, ’11, said. ?I use homework or practicing the piano to get out of doing them. I also make excuses when I know I am wrong, but I want people to think I am right. I say like ‘oh I was confused or I didn’t understand’; it’s a good way to win an argument.?

Procrastination also hinders homework production. Abby Schoettler, ’09, often finishes homework for periods before lunch, but overlooks assignments due in classes after.

“I consistently put off homework due in classes after lunch,? Schoettler said. ?I tell myself that I have plenty of time the next day and sometimes it doesn?t get done.?

Most teachers frown upon excuses, claiming they hinder the production and success of students.

?The thing that irritates me about excuses is that they are a lack of responsibility and accepting the blame,? Molly Sargent, English teacher, said. ?I believe excuses hinder students and create a habit of laziness; the most common excuses occur about dress code and tardies.”

For many, sports highlight the year; however, some dread practice and anticipate the season’s end. An anonymous junior believes practices to be pointless.

?I love playing the sport, but I hate my practices,? anonymous said. ?They seem full of busy work and aren’t challenging at all. I am ready for the season to be over. I tried to ditch sometimes, but my coach caught me.?

Although excuses often display negligence, they sometimes avoid awkward or dangerous situations.

?This weekend I got asked to a party and I said I couldn?t go because I had to write an essay,? Nick Andersen, ’09, said. ?I made that excuse because I didn?t want to go.?

Despite the increasing amounts of procrastination and excuse making, some attempt to alleviate above the norm to finish homework and remain on track of their responsibilities. Senior Elisha Quintana tries to incorporate organization in her schoolwork in preparation of college.

“I try to stay organized and write down all my homework assignments and due dates,” Quintana said. “Whenever I don’t do something, I try to make it up as soon as possible because I don’t want my teachers to think I’m irresponsible. I’m trying to get rid of my procrastination because next year I’ll be in college and I’ll need to stay on top of things.”

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