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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Junior wanders Yosemite solo

With this year’s establishment of Adventure PE, names continue to fill sign up sheets. Many labeled the Yosemite biking trip as a day to remember on Oct. 15. In the second edition of Adventure PE, students traveled to Yosemite National Park to ride bikes along the trail surrounding the Curry Village Recreation Center.

Led and supervised by Scott Callisch, head of the PE department and four chaperones to ensure the group of 10 students would stay together, Trevor Bodi, ’09, somehow found his way out of his biking group and on his own.

“When Bodi was lost all that went through my head was how in the world did he get lost,” Kyler Neefe, ’10, said. “Overall I thought the bike trip was fun because all of us had a good experience and the group connected together a lot.”

Bodi did not intend to venture away from the group; he originally signed up to simply ride his bike.

“I decided to go on the trip because I had not ridden my bike in a long time,” Bodi said, “so I decided that was the day I was going to ride my bike again. I also thought of the song Bicycle Race by Queen which motivated me to go.”

As Bodi’s legs began to tire, his group rode on and he fell behind.

“I got tired during the bike ride so I started going slower,” Bodi said. “Then I was alone riding by myself and everyone was ahead of me. I got to the junction and I could no longer see my group. I knew there was another group with Callisch behind me.”

When Bodi realized he was alone, he thought it best not to panic and waited for ten minutes. He then rode further up the road and when he failed to see anyone, he rode back and forth down the road, finally opting to ask someone for directions.

“As I was alone for a while now I decided I needed to ask someone to find my way back,” Bodi said. “I started to ride down the road and then I saw some tents, so I asked a lady by the tents how to get back to Curry Village. She told me to ride diagonally across the parking lot.”

“As I was riding across the parking lot I got a phone call from Zack (Marsh, ’08) wondering where I was,” Bodi said. “I told him I was riding diagonally across the parking lot.”

When Bodi returned to Curry Village it appeared he had arrived from the opposite way as everyone else.

“I was concerned for about a minute and a half about Bodi and where he was,” Callisch said. “Then I realized that the path is a big circle and he would get back eventually. We are all relieved he is ok and he is back with us.”

Although it continues to be a mystery as to how Bodi remained separated from the group, he disclaims the allegations of his being lost.

“It is said I was supposedly lost on the bike trip,” Bodi said. “But to clarify I was not lost I just could not find the road.”

The next adventure will feature kayaking for $30 per person in Morro Bay on Nov. 9. Sign ups are available outside of the high school office.

For more information and audio interviews on Bodi’s perspective, listen to the third installment of Claire’s Corner found at the top of the right menu bar.

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