Drama prepares for Easter performances

Other Staff

As the Easter season approaches, drama works to prepare for their performance in the Concert for the Performing Arts on March 21.

“For this performance, drama will be joining the choir and band,” Tom McEntee, drama teacher, said. ” We are going to be performing a one act play called Devotion, which deals with guilt and forgiveness. The play is very serious in tone, and is hard to prepare for.”

Besides preparing for this concert, drama has been working on a skit that they will be taking to other churches.

“We are also preparing a one act play called The Bethany Improvisation,” McEntee said. “We are working on this for Palm Sunday, which we will take to other churches and perform for them.”

In addition to working on these two plays, the drama continues to perform skits in chapel.

“A skit that we are working on for chapel is the Sex Police,” McEntee said. “It is a sequel to the Television Police that we performed earlier in the year. This skit focuses on purity.”

The Concert for the Performing Arts begins at 7:00 p.m. and will be located at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Fresno. Tickets are available from choir, band, and drama students or they are also available in the high school office. The ticket price is $5.00. For more on ticket information, call 297-9464 ext. 131.