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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

Letter to the Editor

Moral code variations test character

With the name “Fresno Christian”, many assume every student abides by the same religious and moral code. Numerous factors including peers, church, family and school influence beliefs and morals of students. These components with others seem to determine character.

An anonymous sophomore expresses approval for experimenting with almost anything, whether it be substances or sex, but also as long as one maintains a cautious mindset.

“I have basically come to believe that there are many people who seem ‘good’ but are dying inside,” the sophomore said. “Then I see other kids who do what they want despite negative feedback and they seem happier overall.”

Students who have tried to fit-in often feel abandoned as they obtain different beliefs from those often referred to as “strong” Christians. In fact this may be a crisis point in their life.

“I have done things that people would consider ‘bad’ or condemn me for,” an anonymous freshman said. “I have had my heart broken, been forsaken by my friends and family, been depressed and lonely. These things definitely affect my faith.”

Junior Jenna Reed receives most of her morals from church and family. She grew up with Christianity taught by her family, backed up by her attendance at Peoples Church.

“My grandma Sharon has a great effect on my beliefs,” Reed said. “She has been through a lot of tough times but she never gives up on the Lord. It’s encouraging to see how people can stay faithful even in hard times.”

Scott Falk, campus pastor, believes parents hold prominence in their child’s life and have the strongest impact on morals.

“Parents are the most significant figure in a student’s life,” Falk said. “I believe students beliefs are strengthened by communities such as family, school and church.”

Sophomore Doug Daniel does not only base his faith and morals on his parents, but on scripture. He believes in an absolute right and wrong and turns to scripture if he has a question.

“My beliefs are strongly affected by my parents,” Daniel said. “Everyone is influenced by their surroundings and my parents have taught me about Christianity and taken me to church my whole life.”

Although Daniel admits to not having experienced any major tragedies, he feels trials reveal the depth and commitment of someone’s faith.

“I think bad things can do two different things,” Daniel said. “It will either strengthen your beliefs or reveal your true faith, or it can show if you are real or fake.”

Senior Katelyn Aydelotte believes her current beliefs will be harder to maintain in college. However, college students around the country continue to create moral and value choices based upon experiences, what they have read and relationships.

“It is definitely going to be more of a challenge to uphold our faith because we are sheltered here (FC),” Aydelotte said. “In college you are more independent and it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do.”

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