Thanks for Callisch's leadership

Other Staff

Dear editor,

This year has produced a unique experience for me. Having completed most of my graduation credits, I have found myself enjoying an aesthetic blend of classes, based around physical education sage Scott Callisch.

I have two classes with Mr. Callisch, and have found that he makes a valuable contribution to the Fresno Christian community. Without his insightful department leadership, our sports teams would not have the advantageous schedules that they do.

My opportunity to get to know Mr. Callisch better has led me to a greater understanding of what he does on campus, and why he is a critical member of the FC team.

Although Mr. Callisch was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at last year’s Night of the Stars, this seems insufficient compared to the achievements he has brought to our humble school.

Please join me in thanking Mr. Callisch for his years of dedicated service, and contributions to our sports teams.