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Podcasting adds new dimension

The Feather Online continues to expand to new media types with the introduction of podcasting. This revolutionary method of broadcasting digital media over the Internet discloses information covering a range of subjects.

Instead of just creating an audio file list on The Feather, IT director David Martens suggested the class create a ‘true’ podcast, which uses an RSS (Real Simple Syndicate) feed to automatically update viewers with most current broadcast episodes.

“If The Feather is going to create podcasts, they should be ‘real’ podcasts,” Martens said. “It gives the students and staff opportunities to explore work with different media types. This has allowed those students involved to develop skills that they can use in the real world.”

Claire’s Corner, a presentation of thefeather.com, features weekly broadcast episodes by senior Claire Kister, features editor for The Feather.

“I never knew what a podcast was until this year,” Kister said, “but when Mr. (Greg) Stobbe mentioned it to me, I was thrilled.”

The podcast began in October and currently consists of seven episodes. Kister aims to write diverse stories highlighting profiles and features on student life.

“My favorite [part about podcasting] is interviewing the students,” Kister said, “and then telling them they are on iTunes. It always puts a smile on their faces.”

Junior Mitchell Callisch, a video production student, accepted publications adviser, Greg Stobbe, and video production teacher, C.J Haydock’s request to help create the podcasts.

“They (Stobbe and Haydock) told me I had the experience and skills necessary to carry the podcast,” Callisch said. “I was excited to be able to use my abilities to help our newspaper. At first, I was unsure of my feelings towards the project but now I have a strong commitment to the podcast.”

Along with the narration to the introdution of each episode, Callisch’s role includes all technical aspects of constructing the podcast.

“Not only am I the narrator, but I am also the audio technician,” Callisch said. “I oversee all the recording and then edit the podcast. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, or ear I should say. A lot of the edits I make are almost unnoticeable; however they all contribute to perfecting the podcast.”

While Callisch’s work on the podcast is voluntary, he finds the experience beneficial.

“Working on the podcast has exposed me to so much more technical knowledge that I can use in all my media ability,” Callisch said. “I hope to continue to gain knowledge and experience to help me with future projects.”

Some believe podcasts provide students with the opportunity to express their personal views.

“I think The Feather podcasts are a great chance for us students to say what we think and voice our opinions,” Trevor Bodi, ’09, said. “It’s just a great way to vent and share ideas.”

The Feather Online continues to focus on podcasting, while other schools like Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California (Paly Voice) center their attention on school activities, student government and upcoming school events.

Kister hopes to add podcasts on sports in the near future to reach more viewers.

“I think it would be cool to talk about sports on the podcast,” Kister said. “I believe it would be interesting to interview the coaches and team players. Sports include all sorts of stories from injuries to one-point victories and I want to cover those in the podcast.”

The experience involved in podcasting allows Kister to believe it will translate into her future aspirations.

“When I get older I want to be a news anchor,” Kister said. “It has been a dream of mine to report news in front of the camera since I was in elementary school. The podcast is great practice for me because it is helps with my speaking and interview skills.”

Kister is required to write her own script every time there is a new podcast.

“Normally I have to sacrifice my time at home to write my script,” Kister said. “I do the announcements second period and I have to help edit other students’ articles. I ask Stobbe to help me edit it in class. I always have to read over my script once or twice before I do it because I tend to stutter or mispronounce words.”

She must find her own people to interview each time.

“I normally choose a variety between freshmen and seniors,” Kister said. “I always choose different students to make it fair. It just depends on what the story is about.”

Callish enjoys working on the podcast because it helps with what he wants to do in the future.

“Working on it is it a real experience and I’m glad to be part of The Feather,” Callisch said. “The podcasting a great aspect of The Feather and I’m proud to help contribute.”

Callisch sacrifices over an hour everyday after school each time they record an episode.

“It takes a lot more time than you would think,” Callisch said, “we not only have to do all the recording, but then it takes many hours to edit and polish. I sacrifice my time after school in addition to recording and editing on my own time.”

Freshman varsity volleyball player Ashlyn White, feels weird when it comes to talking on a podcast.

“It’s kind of unusual,” White said, “because you have to talk in a microphone and show a lot of enthusiasm.”

If White is interviewed again she has a plan for showing her enthusiasm.

“If I figure out that I’m going to be interviewed again,” White said, “I’m going to plan out what I’m going to say so that I can just read off of the paper and I can focus on showing the emotion the show needs.”

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