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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Families forego gifts, nurture relationships

Cheerful music is heard all across the town. Lights illuminate the holiday decorations garnishing each house in the neighborhood. Beautifully-decorated trees ignite the Christmas spirit in each home as presents are exchanged among friends and family. If only this situation was common to everyone.

Contrary to the typical Christmas ideals of the birth of Christ, Santa Claus and presents, the holiday also brings loneliness, distress and discomfort to many children around the world.

Often times a child’s perception of Christmas is limited to presents. However, if there were no presents under the tree, would there still be a reason to celebrate the holiday? The true meaning of Christmas and gift-giving may be foreign to countless kids.

Freshman Kelsey Gunner believes there will always be reasons to celebrate Christmas, regardless of presents.

?It shouldn?t matter if there are presents or not,? Gunner, junior varsity volleyball player, said. ?The real reason we should celebrate is because it was the birth of Jesus.?

Naturally, many children may become confused about the meaning of Christmas amid today’s culture, Santa Claus and the economy’s ethics. Heather Lichti, ’10, believes most kids don?t understand what Christmas is all about.

?Kids love gifts so much,? Lichti, soccer player, said. ?They don?t appreciate what they already have or understand the true meaning of Christmas.”

Many children would be expected to react with shock and awe at the sight of an empty tree. However, Gunner does not believe it would be a big deal to not receive presents.

?People that are part of charities or organizations could probably use money or gifts more than I could,? Gunner said. ?At first I would be a little sad if I didn’t receive any presents, but I would eventually get over it and move on to the real spirit of the season.”

According to Lichti, people should focus on the birth of Christ rather than the concept of presents.

?I wouldn?t be so sad that I would cry [if I didn’t get presents],? Lichti said. ?It?s not that big of a deal. We shouldn?t focus on the presents, but focus our attention on celebrating the Lord?s birthday.?

Although freshman Zach Ragan would at first be upset, he understands that the world does not revolve around him.

?I would be so upset at first,? Ragan, boys choir member, said, ?but after awhile I would realize that it?s not all about me.”

Some families do not participate in the traditional activities of gift-giving or decorating during the Christmas season. Malachi Romero, ’10, and his family do not exchange presents, but instead focus on their relationships as a family.

?I don?t get presents on Christmas,? Romero said. ?I?m fine with not getting gifts. This is my second year not getting anything. I?m used to it. I care about my family more than anything.?

Although exchanging gifts may no longer be the norm in the American household, many retain the Christmas principle of family.

?Christmas is my favorite time of year,? Lichti said, ?because I get the chance to get together with my family and celebrate.?

Whether swapping presents among friends or simply nurturing relationships with family, the holiday season remains a staple in today’s society.

For more information about Christmas traditions in the Valley, read Alyssa Quenzer’s Dec. 10, 2007, article, Lane lights 85-year tradition.

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  • M

    Morgan Childs, Rachel Quiring and Sarah IngersolJan 16, 2010 at 6:48 am

    We love the little 4th grade ninjas! They are adorable! We can’t wait to see the video!

  • C

    Cassidy HutchinsJan 16, 2010 at 6:48 am

    Hey, come out to the volleyball games and Kaleb will be sporting one of these ninja costumes soon too! “Play like a Ninja!”