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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

Letter to the Editor

Linebacker balances sports, academics

Although coaches expect their athletes to train during league, many neglect preparations for next season immediately after the final playoffs. This break often turns into less skill, laziness and sometimes weight gain.

Varsity football linebacker, Joe Hergenroeder, ?09, avoids this problem by lifting weights three to four times week. He trains with defense coordinator Mick Fuller. In addition, he maintains a personal workout schedule.

?Joe has expressed interest in getting better in football, and I am happy to help anyone who is willing to get better,” Fuller said. “Joe is very dedicated to working hard.?

Not only does Hergenroeder condition, he also eats a more balanced diet that emphasizes fruit and vegetables.

As a health and fitness conscious coach, Fuller tries to encourage students to improve the quality of their diets. That involves limiting sweets, cutting out soda and sugared energy drinks. The emphasis is eating more fruits and vegetables.

In his freshman year, Hergenroeder found an otherwise unavailable outlet in sports. He continues to play football despite personal hardships.

“I started playing football because I have always had a lot of anger stored up and when anger management failed, I found football,” Hergenroeder said. “I would like to play professionally but I’m not counting on it. I just want to play for as long as I can.”

Outside of academics and football, Hergenroeder finds enjoyment in visiting his step dad and half brother in Wyoming.

?I love going there to visit my step dad because it gives me a chance get away from Fresno,” Hergenroeder said. “I visit my relatives over there; we also hike and hunt.?

Hergenroeder remembers a time he and his step dad went moose hunting in the Big Horn Mountains and heard twigs breaking behind them.

?We just ignored the noise because we thought it was a small animal or something,? Hergenroeder said, ?and we thought it would go away, but when we finally looked behind us there was this huge grizzly bear watching and circling us.?

They attempted to escape the danger but the bear followed them and they feared leading the bear to the campsite.

?We started throwing rocks and twigs at it hoping that it would go away,? Hergenroeder said. ?We couldn?t shoot it because it wasn?t bear season so my step dad fired the gun in the air and the bear finally left. It was so terrifying; like, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got the chills. It was awful.?

Although it may not be the same type of fear, Hergenroeder finds himself concerned about getting out of shape for football season, the cause of his dedication to his new and improved lifestyle.

“I really want to do better next year,” Hergenroeder said. “We did okay this year but I want to win some games next year.”

On the weekends he goes to the movies, plays paintball and hangs out with friends like most teenagers his age.

?I play paintball with friends because it is the closest thing to war besides the real thing,? Hergenroeder said. ?Plus, I?m thinking about joining the military.?

Hergenroeder still finds himself lacking free time due to his stringent training schedule. Despite this, he considers dedication the most important aspect of his academic life.

“It’s hard sometimes because I wish that I could hang out with my friends more,” Hergenroeder said, “but football is my life so it’s worth it in the end.”

To read more sports profiles, visit Alyssa Quenzer’s Dec. 13 article, Physical defender keeps goal.

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