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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

Letter to the Editor

Power of one influences many

While many students enjoy the relaxations Martin Luther King, Jr. Day brings on Jan. 21, the story behind one person’s commitment to equality often goes unnoticed, Also campus students and teacher’s dedication to programs appear neglected. This recurrent pattern of passivity questions the power of one.

Since his freshmen year, Doug Daniel, ?10, wanted a cross country team. Though failing to reach his goal due to lack of interest last year, Daniel continued to lobby for the team.

?It was difficult trying to convince people to sign up raising money by myself,? Daniel said. ?I realized that if we work together and raised money to pay for the coach, we could at least compete as individuals and not as a whole team.?

Over the previous semester, Daniel roamed the halls and lockers recruiting runners. As a team, they hosted an Italian lunch in order to raise funds. Eventually their efforts paid off and the cross country team competed in their first season in 20 years.

?I was happy because I got to run and I got to be on a team with a great group of people,? Daniel said. ?For students trying to make a difference on campus, there is a good chance of failure even if you try as hard as you. But I can guarantee if you give everything you have and never give up, this will make you a better person in life.?

Senior Kara Linkowski believes that a single person can influence the student body.

?For me personally, I try to make a difference on campus by having no restrictions on who my friends are,? Kara Linkowski, ?08, said. ?No matter how much different you think you are from other people, you can always find something about that person you can relate to.?

As the girls’ tennis captain and homecoming queen, Linkowski believes being on a smaller campus allows her to have a louder voice.

?The more you are willing to hear other people?s ideas, the more likely they will listen to you,? Linkowski said. ?Of course, there is a first-impression but we are all on campus for the same reason. Focus on the positive and the uniqueness that they bring to the group.?

For Ericlee Gilmore, PE teacher, the desire to improve students’ health motivated him to form a ban on sodas.

?Last summer, I read a book called What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell, MD and it got me really thinking about how God wants us to be healthy nutritious wise,? Gilmore said. ?I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to implement but my wife told me to start with one idea so I started with soda.?

In addition to the ban on sodas, Gilmore created a health counsel which consists of parents and teachers. They held their first meeting in December and their next meeting will be sometime in February.

?I plan on continuing adding and removing different foods in order to make our school more health conscious and for the students to have an abundant life? Gilmore said. ?Best way for a student to make a difference on campus is to walk the walk and be an example to their friends. You?re going to get a lot of opposition but you have to try to teach them to help themselves.?

If readers have a story of someone making a difference, please post it as comment.

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