FC Live attracts 80 families to campus

Other Staff

Teachers and staff alike prepared the way for FCS Live on March 4 in the new gym. The school went on display for perspective new parents and students with the hope of introducing them to curriculum, teachers and the administration. Although FCS Live was aimed at people new to the school, anybody interested in K-12 was welcome.

“FCS Live is about putting the right people answering new parents and students questions,” Superintendent Tim Wilkins said.

The advantage of coming to FCS Live was that students could visit their own area of interest and stay away from the other parts they are not interested in. The gym was set up into different groups such as sports, academics, music, etc.

“FCS Live goal was to inform people who know nothing about FCS,” Principal Gary Schultz said. “FCS Live allows parents to come view our operations, meet the staff, see the faculties and curriculum, and decide whether they want to send their students to our school.”

About 80 families attended the event meant to give an overview of the school and offer time for questions and answers.

Aside from new parents and students many parents who already enrolled their kids at Fresno Christian came to FCS Live. Many checked out other areas of the school they were not familiar with.

For more contact secretary Yoko Kilbourne in the high school office at 297-9464 ex.125.