Vest day fashions camaraderie

Other Staff

Throughout the winter, a group of teachers have consistently set cutting edge fashion trends. While students often follow established fashion, teachers can fall behind the established Parisian trends. However, the male teachers on campus have tried to create a feeling of en vogue one day a week while wearing sporty vests.

Led by George Freeman, dean of students of the junior high, the group has worn vests on Tuesdays throughout the winter. News of Vest Tuesdays spread and membership grew to include most of the male staff. Some members who did not originally own a vest purchased one to join the vest membership.

“When it became apparent the vest thing was going to fly,” Bible teacher and campus pastor Scott Falk said, “I told Carol (Falk’s wife) to pick me up a vest like (Greg) Stobbe’s. Now when I wear my vest, I feel alive!”

Vest day membership has grown quietly. Originally its members only numbered three: Freeman, Stobbe and Tom McEntee. As the winter progressed, vest fever grew to include Allen Tong, Ericlee Gilmore, Rod Atchley and sometime members Jon Hall and Robert Foshee.

“I have worked here for 20+ years and I count these few men as my closest comrades in this wonderful school,” Freeman said.

Despite the age difference and years of teaching experience, the teachers have used vest day as a reason to get together for breakfast or lunch. The group even celebrated birthday week together as four of the members have a birthday in February.

“Being a first year teacher, it certainly increased a feeling of camaraderie having so many of us sharply dressed,” McEntee, freshmen and sophomore English teacher, said. “Vests break down generational barriers.”

While not all members were available for the photo shoot, math teacher Allen Tong, leader of the Asian membership, said he was recruiting other members of the faculty.

“I have had serious lunch meetings with Mr. (Greg) Page in order to have more of a vested interest in vests,” Tong said. “Vestism plays a large role in my lunch time discussion meetings. This idea has long since broken the boundries of European fashion. It is a part of our modern campus style.”

For those interested in joining this popular and vibrant group, please contact Freeman or Tong in the high school office for more information.