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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Letter to the Editor

Click remake defines freshman film

Imagine having the ability to freeze, fast-forward or rewind time at the touch of a button. Through the power of a universal remote, the freshman film, Clicked, revamps the high school experience.

For their Night of the Stars (NOTS) movie, the freshman class takes on the concept of the 2006 Sony pictures’ production, Click, with a script rewriten to reflect high school years.

?I sat down one period and thought about what high school is like for a freshman,? Michael Wilson said. ?I thought it would be a good idea to use the universal remote. I wanted to see what they would use it for, like if they would use it to get out of classes or cause trouble.?

Tim DeGroot plays the main character, Kevin, an unpopular freshman who finds the remote and uses it to improve his social status.

?At first I?m a nerd and I find the remote in a garbage can,? DeGroot said. ?Once I find out about its powers, I use it to make myself cool and make my life great.?

Wilson chose DeGroot to protray Kevin because of his camera personality and humor.

?Tim is one of my friends and he?s funny at times,? Wilson said. ?He?s not afraid of the camera and I can depend on him to remember his lines.?

While manipulating time through the remote, Kevin seeks to attract his dream girl, Marissa, played by Mary Reynolds.

“My character encourages Kevin to talk to girls,” Zach Ragan said. “I’m his friend, but I’m Marissa’s friend too, so I tell her about him to try to get them together.”

He does not always use the remote for relationship problems. Kevin, who has always wanted a MacBook Pro, attempts to steal one from the Apple Store at the Fashion Fair Mall.

?I walk into the store, pause time, then grab the laptop,? DeGroot said. ?Then I start time again and try to get out of the store with it.?

Kevin?s experiences with the remote soon cause him to appreciate his old life; after stealing the laptop, he realizes the person he has become.

?I reset it and wake up again on the same day,? DeGroot said. ?My life is back to normal again and I make the right decisions now that I get a fresh start.?

Despite a late start and pressure from fellow freshmen, Wilson remains confident that Clicked will be the topic of discussion at the event.

?There?s a lot of pressure from classmates because they always want to know what we?re doing,? Wilson said, ?but I like getting to put something together that the entire school will laugh at and creating a story in a unique way that captures people?s attention.?

Cornerstone Church and Wilson Theater will host this year’s NOTS, March 29.

Tickets cost $50 and are available until March 27. Parents are invited to view and vote for the People’s Choice Award at a private screening in Ground Zero at 9 A.M., March 29. The viewing costs $5 and refreshments will be provided.

“We’re going to get first because we have the best actors and actresses,” Reynolds said, “and we are amazing.”

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