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Letter to the Editor

Volleyball sport shorts, 2008

(Latest volleyball shorts will be at the top of the section. Scroll down to check out past results. Tournament games do not count toward win/loss record. Visit the Sports Section for volleyball features)

Check out the 2008 schedule and stay up to date on stats and standings at Maxpreps.com.
The Eagles finished the season with an overall record of 10-15, and 5-3 in the West Sequoia League.

Broncos dispose of Eagles, Nov. 18
Following their slim victory over Kings Christian, the Eagles dropped 3 straight games to Coast Union in a 3-0 loss.

Katie White, ’09 led the team with 11 digs, Ashlyn White, ’11, had 7, and Danielle Lauber, ’12, contributed 5.

“The girls fought very hard last night and played like warriors,” head coach Shailee Jones said. “They have a lot to be proud of in the way they represented our school and our team throughout the year. This team has laid the foundation for new expectations for our volleyball program.”

After losing the 1st game 25-13, the Eagles got a little closer (25-17) in the 2nd. However the Broncos finished off the 3rd game 25-10 to advance to the next round off the playoffs.

“I am proud of how we played against Coast,” captain Allison Neufeld, ’09, said. “They were a tough match, and even though we didn’t come out on top, we’ve pushed through our season and continued fighting. I will miss all of my sisters on the team and thank them for an amazing season.”

The CIF playoffs often provide a nerve-wracking experience for the athletes and the Eagles 3-2 Nov. 13 victory over Kings Christian followed suit.

Freshman Danielle Lauber racked up 18 kills and Abby Schoettler recorded 15 to go along with 5 aces and 10 digs.

In the assist department, Katie White led the way with 22 and 11 digs, while her sister Ashlyn also assisted 22 times, and pounded 8 kills. Team captain Allison Neufeld had a solid all-around game with 7 kills, 8 digs, and 7 blocks to lead the Eagles to their 3rd straight win.

“We came out tonight with fire, energy and spunk,” Neufeld said. “Even though Kings Christian took the second and third game from us, we got the win and I am so proud of the way we played. Coast Union is next, and I hope that we can show them the true meaning of FC ball.”

A relieved (head coach) Shailee Jones relished her team’s victory.

“Tonight the girls finally dug deep and pulled out the victory,” Jones said. “We have been in games like this several times this year and have been on the losing side, but all of our trials paid off when it counted most. Every member of the team contributed in a significant way to the victory.”

In a back and forth game, the Eagles eventually pulled out the win over the visiting Crusaders after rallying from nine points down to take the fourth game, 25-22.

After FC won the first game 25-18, they dropped the next couple 23-25 and 24-26. They next preceded to win the 4th game 25-22 to force a deciding game 5.

The 5th game was all-FC as they dominated the tie-breaker 15-5, and earned the right to advance to the 2nd round.

The Eagles will next play at Coast Union in the second round of the CIF playoffs, Nov. 18.

The Eagles came out for their last match, in hopes of sending off the four seniors on the varsity team with a win against Parlier. A 3-0 victory saw the Eagles do just that as they quickly vanquished the Panthers at home.

After a speedy blowout in the first two games (both 25-7), Parlier battled back in the third to reach 14 points, but Eagles continued their defeating nature.

Danielle Lauber, ’12, with 10 kills followed by Allison Neufeld, ’09, with 6 kills and Abby Schoettler, ’09, with 5 kills. Linsday Franz, ’09, and Neufeld both finished the night with 5 aces. Katelyn White, ’09, had 11 assists and Schoettler added 5 digs.

“Tonight’s game was a great way to finish our regular season and honor our seniors,” head coach Shailey Jones said. “The seniors went out with a bang tonight and they deserve it for all their time and efforts this season. I am excited to see where this team goes from here, they are playing very good volleyball and seem to be beginning to peak just before playoffs begin!”

The Eagles will next host Kings Christian in the first round of the CIF playoffs on Nov. 13, 7 p.m.

Making up for their previous loss to Fowler, FC shutout the Redcats at home 3-0, Nov. 4.

“We came out string and never gave up,” Katie White, ’09, said. “We kept on fighting and came out with a win. This game was one of the most fun games I have played this season.”

After dominating the first game, the Eagles won 25-13. Then after barely hanging on for a 25-23 victory, they wrapped up the match with a 25-20 win to completing the shutout.

“The game was awesome,” Samantha Kaiser, ’10, said. “It was so much fun. We all came out pumped and ready to play our hardest. Everyone played amazing tonight. It was a team effort and we came out with an amazing and fun win.”

Allison Neufeld, ’09, finished the game with 13 kills, trailing Danielle Lauber, ’12, who had 17 kills. Ashlyn White, ’11, had 17 assists followed by sister Katelyn White, ’09, who had 12 assists.

“Tonight the girls came out fired up and ready to go,” head coach Shailey Jones said. “They played very well as a team and showed this school and themselves who they are. I’m very proud of them and the way we played tonight.”

After a 0-3 loss at home, Eagles traveled to Caruthers in hopes of victory at the Blue Raider home court. With a win in the first game (25-19), Eagles came back out and failed to execute in the next three games (27-29, 24-26, 25-27).

Despite the upset, the Eagles finished the game with superlative statistics. Ashlyn White, ’11, had 30 assists and sister Katie White, ’09, had 9 assists. Allison Neufeld, ’09, hit 12 kills, trailing Abby Schoettler, ’09, who hit 14 kills.

“I was disappointed that we lost tonight,” Danielle Lauber, ’12, said. “This loss now limits us to the possibility of winning league. I think it was obvious tonight who the better team was, especially when it comes to the skill level.”

Lauber finished the night, and led with 23 kills. Schoettler had 18 digs and Ashlyn had 9 digs. Both Neufeld and Lindsay Franz, ’09, had 5 blocks.

“It was a tough loss, we came out and battles,” assistant coach Jessica Schlink said. “But unfortunately we ended up on the losing side. Now, we are moving on and getting ready for our next two wins at home.”

In a quick three-game match, the Eagles came out slow but steadily defeated Tranquillity. The first game was anticlimactic (25-18), but in the second, Allison Neufeld, ’09, ran a quick hit and the crowd erupted once the ball hit the floor on the opponent’s side. The last two games (25-16, 25-20), the Eagles concluded the match with two final wins.

“In the beginning, we had a rough time playing at our level, but fought and overcame the Tigers,” Neufeld said. “I’m looking forward to playing Caruthers on Thursday and showing them the true meaning of FC ball.”

Abby Schoettler, ’09, served 7 aces and Danielle Lauber, ’12, hit 7 kills throughout the match.

“We lacked energy tonight, but fought through,” coach Shailey Jones said. “We were glad to get the victory and put this one behind us and look toward playing Caruthers.”

With a league title at stake, FC fought against Riverdale for a three-game win, Oct. 23. In the first game, the Eagles battled back and forth and barely pulled out the win (27-25).

The next two games, the Eagles came out with more intensity and were able to execute efficiently (25-19, 25-10).

Danielle Lauber, ’12, hit 10 kills followed by Allison Neufeld, ’09, with 5 kills and 8 digs. After both players suffered injuries in the past week, they brought fire to the team and played through any pain, aiding to the team’s victory.

Ashlyn White, ’11, had 12 assists. Lindsay Franz, ’09, led the team with 4 blocks, and trailed Neufeld with 7 digs, while Abby Schoettler, ’09, served 7 aces.

“I am proud of the girls’ team effort tonight,” coach Shailey Jones said. “They came together and fought like the FC team I know. They battled through several injuries and another line-up change to earn the victory tonight.”

Halfway through the season, the Eagles ventured to Parlier-newcomers to the West Sequoia League. In three games (25-3, 25-12, 25-6), FC quickly overpowered the Panthers, recovering from their previous losses.

Abby Schoettler, ’09, hit 8 kills and served 4 aces, along with Ashlyn White, ’11, who also had 4 aces. Cassidy Hutchins, ’11, had 3 aces but served over 20 points in three games.

While injuries barrage the team, freshman Danielle Lauber out with a strained knee and senior captain Allison Neufeld overcoming a shoulder injury, the Eagles persevered through the adversity.

“I’m really proud of the way the girls adjusted to a new line-up and played hard and consistent ball,” coach Shailey Jones said. “They kept their mental toughness. Great serving by Cassidy and Ashlyn who both got us on some great runs, and consistent hitting from Abby, who hit over .300!”

After two despondent losses during the week, on Friday the Eagles traveled to Hoover High School for the third annual Hoover Invitational.

On Friday Oct. 17, the Eagles played Calavaras and lost in two games (16-25, 16-25). Allison Neufeld, ’09, had 5 kills and Ashlyn White, ’11, had 5 digs.

With another loss, the Eagles matched up against Lemoore and failed once again to come out on top. Danielle Lauber, ’12, hit 13 kills and Abby Schoettler, ’09, had 6 digs and no errors.

In the middle of the match, Neufeld injured her right shoulder and sat the bench for the last half of the game and the second day of the tournament.

The next day the Eagles came back to play San Lorenzo Valley and lost in three (26-24, 23-25, 15-17). Danielle Lauber finished the game with 10 kills and Sam Kaiser, ’10, served 5 aces.

Placing fourth in the bracket, the Eagles continued on to play El Diamonte, who had placed first in their bracket. In two games, the Eagles could not fight back in time to gain victory. Lauber had 7 kills, and Schoettler trailed with 4 kills.

After the El Diamonte game, Lauber suffered an injury to her right knee but continued to play through the pain in the game against Liberty, (25-27).

“We’ve definitely become a lot better after this tournament,” coach Shailey Jones said. “It really helped our team to play against higher levels. They learned a lot this weekend and we’re ready to apply what we’ve learned in our league matches.”

After losing the first game, Eagles battled back to win the second and third games against the Redcats. But in the fourth game, the Eagles lost their fire and failed to execute.

“Tonight we had a tough loss,” Lindsay Franz, ’09, said. “It’s awesome that we fought to 5 games but, losing in the 5th when we were up 11-6 made it really hard.”

Ashlyn White, ’11, had 10 assists and sister Katie White, ’09, followed with 9 assists. At the net, Allison Neufeld, ’09, had 8 kills, Abby Schoettler, ’09, had 5 kills, both trailing Danielle Lauber, ’12, with 19 kills. Defensively, Ashlyn had 16 digs, Katie with 13 digs, Schoettler with 9 digs and Lauber finished with 11 digs.

“The girls fought hard tonight, it was a great game,” coach Shailey Jones said. “We had our chances, but from here on we come and bring out the FC team that we are.”

In disappointing fashion, FC was unable to execute down the stretch of each game against Caruthers, losing 3-0, Oct. 14.

Danielle Lauber, ’12, led the team with 8 kills, followed by captain Allison Neufeld’s, ’09, 5. Defensively, Abby Schoettler, ’09, led the team with 14 digs, while Neufeld got 11.

“The girls put forth a great effort tonight,” head coach Shailey Jones said. “The girls fought hard and played some great volleyball. They fought through some line-up mistakes that I made, and bounced back. I am very proud of their efforts.”

In the first and second games (21-25, 21-25), the Eagles came out strong, but fell behind and failed to regain the lead. The final game (a 23-25), ended with the Eagles slapping hands, then heading off to pray and talk about their performance.

“We went out there and left everything on the floor,” Cassidy Hutchins, ’11, said. “We played with heart, and losing at home was hard on our whole team. It’s disappointing that we lost any chance of an undefeated league title.”

Due to a dust storm in the Western San Joaquin Valley, Tranquillity cancelled their match against the Eagles, Oct. 9.

“I really wanted to play today,” captain Allison Neufeld, ’09, said. “I love home games, and I was really disappointed when I found out we wouldn’t be playing.”

In the first league match of the season, the Eagles came out with a win at Riverdale, Oct. 7.

Though they started with 2 strong games (25-13, 25-12 wins), FC faltered in the third and let the Cowgirls snatch a win (19-25).

“We let up in the third game and definitely didn’t play as well,” Abby Schoettler, ’09, said . “But once we got back on the court in the final game we stepped our game back up and played a lot better.”

The fourth game against Riverdale (25-15) finalized the Eagle victory. Ashlyn White, ’11, had 18 assists along with Danielle Lauber, ’12, with 10 kills.

“Everyone committed to our team tonight,”head coach Shailey Jones said. “We won because every player on this team fought and contributed on the court. Allie stepped up her defense tonight and was all over the court getting passes to our setter.”

In dominating fashion, the Eagles grabbed the lead early against the Titans, finishing them off in just 3 games, Sept. 25.

After coming out strong in the first game (25-8), the Eagles started to let up during the final games (25-15, 25-21). However they stayed poised enough to get the win.

“The girls came out on fire tonight and ready to play,” head coach Shailey Jones said. “In the first game they proved what an amazing team they are and can be.”

Danielle Lauber, ’12, lead the team with 8 kills, and newly converted setter Ashlyn White, ’11, trailed with 5 kills while digging 5 balls on defense.

“We played so well in the first game, but we steadily let up in the second and third games,” said White. “I love my new position. Being a setter is so much fun, especially when I get to see my teammates smash the ball.”

The Eagles’ start league Oct. 7 at Riverdale. In the locker room, coach Jones reiterated the importance of improvement.

“Our next step is learning to sustain our energy throughout the entire match. Overall I was very pleased with the way the girls played tonight!”

Three days after their tournament at the coast, the Eagles trekked up the Sierras to play Yosemite, and after a disappointing game, ended up with a loss, Sept. 25.

In the first game, the Eagles came out a little flat (22-25), and lost momentum during the second game (11-25).

“In the third game the FC team showed up and we battled with a talented Yosemite team,” head coach Shailey Jones said. “We are improving and executing as a team but we need to work on our consistency in attitude and play.”

Abby Schoettler, ’09, stepped up her defense, serve receive and had 9 digs, trailing Danielle Lauber, ’12, with 11 digs.

“We played well during the game last night, but we didn’t have the fight to pull through in three games,” Schoettler said. “I definitely feel like our team has improved a lot!”

Despite their desire to end the carnage, FC failed to generate enough positive energy to overcome their accomplished opponent.

Following a 6 AM wake up call, the Eagles headed to Coast Union High School to participate in a strenuous 9 game (single matches to 25) tournament, Sept. 20.

Despite a lack of energy, FC finished the day in a tie for 3rd place, winning 4 games while losing 5.

“The Coast Union tournament and trip was a great experience for our team,” head coach Shailey Jones said . “I was very proud of the way that the girls turned around their game from friday night against Mission Prep to Saturday against the teams we played at the tournament.”

The tournament consisted of teams from the coast area along with Juan Diego, a team from Utah. The first 7 games were bracket play to decide which teams would advance to the playoffs.

In a completely different lineup, Ashlyn White, ’11, took on a setting role with little experience. As a result for her effort, she was placed on the all-tournament for the weekend.

In the fifth game of the day, FC took on the Coast Union Broncos. Down 11-22, the Eagles battled back to push the game to 26-28, but were unable to close it out as the Broncos took the win.

After the heartbreaking loss, FC stayed long enough to watch Coast Union defeat Juan Diego in the championship game.

“We had a great time just hanging out and spending time at the beach dressing up, worshiping, exploring the beach and its tide pools and kayaking,” Jones said.

After traveling three hours to San Luis Obispo, the Eagles fell to the Mission Prep Royals 0-3, Sept. 19.

Despite getting 10 kills from Danielle Lauber, ’12, FC came out according to head coach Shailey Jones.

“We came out very flat as a team this game and were defeated before we ever started,” Jones said. “We had a legitimate chance to beat Mission Prep but did not take advantage of the opportunity we had. Had the true Fresno Christian team showed up, I think we would have won the game.”

In a three games (18-25,15-25, 12-25), the Eagles could not fight back and ended the day with an unfortunate loss.

“I was really disappointed because I really wanted to beat them in more than just one sport,” Katie White, ’09, said. “Plus, there were girls that were on the basketball team that I played against at Selland Arena, so I wanted to get revenge!”

After an exhausting non-league matchup against Liberty, the Eagles came out with a 3-1 win in 4 games, Sept. 16.

After a loss in the first game (23-25), the FC came back in the next 3 (25-16, 25-12, 25-18) to defeat the Hawks on the road.

Allison Neufeld, ’09, led the team with 8 kills, while Danielle Lauber, ’12, was not far behind with 7. Lindsay Franz, ’09, finished the night with 4 blocks against the Hawks, while also coming up big on defense.

“We had really focused on hitting and serving harder in practice rather than playing it safe,” Franz said. “The practice totally payed off in tonight’s game.”

“During the first game, we didn’t play at our normal level,” head coach Shailey Jones said. “But we came out in the second game and played with a lot more intensity. We definitely got a lot better tonight after the first game.”

Though they forced the visiting chieftains to playing all five games, the Eagles eventually fell to Sierra, Sept. 9.

After pulling through in the first game, 25-20, FC lost, 20-25, in the second, and again in the third, 20-25.

With a spurt of intensity, the Eagles fought back to win the fourth game, 25-21, forcing the match to go on to a fifth round. However, they finished with a heart-breaking, 9-15, loss in the tie-breaker.

FC’s steller play against the division 4 team was sparked by solid play of underclassmen.

Cassidy Hutchins, ’11, finished the game with 15 assists and 8 digs, setting her way through all five games in the match, while Danielle Lauber, ’12, racked up 9 kills despite an injured thumb.

“I feel that we played to our potential, but Sierra’s persistence at the net overpowered our defense,” captain Allison Neufeld, ’09, said. “But I’m proud of the way we fought through all 5 games.”

The Eagles traveled to Caruthers High School for the second half of the Raisin Harvest Tournament, Sept. 6.

Following the last game, Cassidy Hutchins reflected on the team’s play.

“I don’t feel that we played to our full potential,” Hutchins said. “We worked hard, but it didn’t seem like we really wanted it. We did have a long week, playing 8 games, but I still feel we should have done better.”

The day was packed with 3 matches with included 2 games each. In order to combat fatigue, the Eagles snacked on fresh fruit and tri-tip sandwiches provided by the parents.

Captain Allison Neufeld, ’09, had five kills during the first round against Caruthers, and aided her teammates with three digs. However FC lost to their host (18-25, 18-25) the first game of the day.

Danielle Lauber, ’12, finished with 5 kills and 7 digs, when the Eagles defeated Riverdale, 2-0 (25-10, 25-24). In the second game, FC fought to be the first team to 25.

Lindsay Franz, ’09, earned five digs in the loss against Firebaugh (19-25, 17-25). The opposing team’s serves were difficult for FC to sideout.

“We came into the tournament with high expectations,” head coach Shailey Jones said. “Although we didn’t finish as well as we would have liked, we grew as a team this week.”

After going 2-1, on opening day of the Caruthers Raisin Harvest Tournament, the Eagles advanced to the winner’s bracket, Sept. 6.

Though they fell (25-21, 25-20), Sept. 3, to Selma, the Eagles bounced back with a, 2-0, victory against Kings Christian (25-13, 25-14) then avenged their loss to the Bears by next beating Mendota 2-0 (25-21, 26-24).

Team captain Allison Neufeld, ’09, injured her left shin during the first game. However she fought through two more games, despite the pain. Neufeld finished with 19 kills the first day of tournament play.

Freshman Danielle Lauber not only lead in serving aces (6), but trailed leader Neufeld with 16 kills.

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