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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Letter to the Editor

Athlete aspires towards therapist career

Ever since watching baseball with his family at the dinner table, Dustin McDonald, ’09, dreamed of one thing: baseball. At the age of four, McDonald wasted no time in his journey towards a shot at the big leagues.

?I started playing t-ball when I was four and ever since I can remember, even now, I can?t wait until April for the first week of the pro season,? McDonald said. ?My dad has been a big influence on me and taught me everything I know about the game. He?s always willing to help me get better.?

Varsity head coach Rich Sorenson finds McDonald?s flexibility on the field a definite benefit to the team?s overall success.

?He?s a very flexible player,? Sorenson said. ?We can put him in both the infield or outfield and he does well at both. He works hard all the time and is turning out to be a popular player among his teammates.?

Whether discussing the Major Leagues with his dad or just preparing for another little league practice, McDonald?s whole life, family included, revolves around the great American pastime of baseball.

?Growing up I loved playing baseball,? McDonald said. ?I loved everything about it, being that I grew up with a family whose only sport they followed was baseball.?

While McDonald finds it hard to remember a time when anything took precedence over his passion to play, he does recall a brief stint as a member of the soccer team.

?For a while I had also played soccer, but I didn?t like it as much,? McDonald said. ?After t-ball when the kids started pitching it got even better and since then I?ve never stopped playing.?

Whether in the infield or outfield, Sorenson realizes McDonald?s ability to bunt and encourages him to do so when applicable.

?He?s the best bunter on the team,? Sorenson said. ?He?s really good at using the bunt when we need it to put the ball in play so we can get more runs without sacrificing runners.?

Of the satisfaction that comes with hitting against other teams and fielding grounders, McDonald values most the time spent among friends.

?It?s always fun watching other pitchers from different teams and how good they are,? McDonald said. ?One of my favorite aspects of the game, however, would just have to be hanging out with my friends doing what I love.?

After thirteen years of playing, McDonald claims to have witnessed some interesting moments. However, never before has a simple error of judgment left him in such good humor.

?My most memorable moment was last year when a fellow teammate came out to one of the last practices of the year and had just realized he was wearing his cup on upside-down all year long.? McDonald said. ?It was hilarious. It must have been, by far, one of the funniest things I?ve ever seen anyone do.?

Nothing seems to come between McDonald and his passion for baseball, except when it comes to spending time with friends, a first priority that he takes just as seriously as the game itself.

?I really don?t have any other hobby besides baseball,? McDonald said. ?If I?m not playing baseball I?m usually with my friends just hanging out.?

According to Sorenson, McDonald?s inquisitive nature and willingness to learn make him the effective player that he is.

?He?s probably one of the few on the team that will ask a question if he doesn?t understand something or why certain things happen,? Sorenson said. ?He?s also always on time for practice and a hard worker whenever on the field.?

With only his senior year left before the potential for college ball becomes a factor, McDonald already has a profession in mind and hopes for the best when it comes to a position on the field.

?I want to be a physical therapist,? McDonald said. ?And while I haven?t decided where I want to go after high school, or whether I?ll try playing college ball or not, I?ve always wanted to help people with their injuries.?

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  • M

    Michael CarterMar 12, 2010 at 6:54 am

    Being a passionate is a character trait that contributes to Mr. Stobbe being an excellent English teacher.

    If one considers the past, what would have been the character trait that his 4th grade teacher would have given to Mr. Stobbe at the end of the year?

  • J

    Jeremiah BrownMar 12, 2010 at 6:54 am

    You are the coolest guy in the world, Stobbe.

  • C

    Cooper BelmontMar 12, 2010 at 6:54 am

    I don’t know if i believe that this is Mr. Stobbe….