Underclassmen see injustice in parking situation

Other Staff

Dear editor,

We are writing this letter concerning the under classmen parking situation. In our opinion, some of the seniors are privileged by not having a first period class. They have no right to complain about sophomore drivers parking in the same lot when we are required to come to school 50 minutes before they do.

In fact, they are privileged again by having the whole wall of building six reserved for seniors only. Show a little justice and reward those students who come to school on time with convenient parking.

We think first come, first serve is the best way to go about it. Besides, there are only 13 sophomore drivers, who do not come close to filling up the back lot. We would appreciate reconsideration by our much-loved principal concerning the new rule.

The Sophomore Drivers

(Clinton Jeffries, Jenny Ficklin, Jordan Griffin, Rusty Tucker, Brad Kooiman, Adam Leslie, John Stevenson, Rene Charest, Michelle Nachtigall, Tyler Wiebe, Chris Burford, Eric Witters, Ryan Zuercher)