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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Sibling rivalry complicates academics, activities

Kindergarten teachers often advocate sharing, but dividing the same birthday, bathroom and class schedule may be taking it too far.

Since kindergarten, my twin brother, Austin Ward, and I have gone to the same school and shared almost every class together. Because we spend so much time together, disputes are bound to occur from who gets the front seat to control of the remote. However, our greatest competition arises in the classroom.

After getting back a test, we immediately ask for each other’s score. We remark with Ha! I beat you! or How did you do better? I fear Austin will always do better than me, however, as he achieves straight As from pure intelligence while I study and work continuously just to put up a fight.

Although we compete for grades, we benefit from sharing every class together. We use our academic strengths to compensate for each other’s weaknesses. I help him in math, and he helps me in English and science.

In addition to homework help, going to school on the same campus allows us to have the same friends. I became better friends with guys because of Austin, and he became better friends with girls due to me. Although the comment She’s my friend, not yours! often slips from my mouth, we are able to enjoy each other’s company.

Conflict often arises from spending too much time together, but our relationship has also strengthened due to being together throughout the day. We have learned to bicker less and encourage more.

Other brother-sister combos cause rifts, but competition improves skill

Almost all students relate to rivalry among peers. While my brother and I compete in the classroom, other students vie with their siblings on the field.

Since we are on the same squad, my sister, Kory (Thompson, ’11) and I are always competing against each other and trying to be the best, Brandi Thompson, ’12, said. I feel that since she is a captain, she thinks she can boss me around. We constantly fight about cheer-related issues.

Sometimes friction among siblings spreads to their friends, erupting with Civil War-style feuds.

When Kasey (Thompson, ’11) passed his driving test the first time and I failed, everyone at school made fun of me, Kory said. They constantly compared me to him and joked around saying that if Kasey could pass it I should have been able to also. The fact that he passed made me feel like he was better than me.

Although siblings on campus may cause conflict, it can also strengthen their relationships.

Playing on the same basketball team has improved Katie (White ’09) and Ashlyn’s (White ’11) relationship, Jim White, father and former basketball coach, said. It’s very positive to have siblings on the same team or in the same school because they learn to grow closer through working together. It’s a benefit that all siblings should recognize.

Playing on the same basketball team helps Katie and Ashlyn to improve their athletic ability and strengthen their relationship.

There are times when Katie and I push ourselves to improve so we push each other to do better, Ashlyn said. We practice together one-on-one and help each other progress. Working together builds our relationship.

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