Secretarial staff grows by one

Other Staff

The exasperating task of office secretary was taking its toll on the position’s current holder, Yoko Kilbourne. To relieve a part of the stress that comes along with this demanding position, Cheryl Pohl has accepted the challenge.

“I am here to assist Yoko, Mr. Schultz and Ms. Niemeyer as much as possible,” Pohl said. “I take care of green slips, tardies, etc., so they can work on more critical tasks.”

Pohl was previously acting as the office bookkeeper in the building five administration offices and has taken over such tasks as answering phone calls, administering admit slips and filtering students so that Kilbourne can concentrate on her work. According to Kilborne, this change has already made an impact.

“It makes our life much easier,” Kilbourne said. “Everything is more pleasant, even on the first day it has helped us greatly.”

A new computer desk with corresponding iMac has been brought in to better assist Pohl in her duties. Pohl will visit the FC office three hours each day during the week from 8 a.m-11 a.m.

Pohl is the mother of current student, David Pohl, ’03.