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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

Letter to the Editor

Parents’ habits hassle students

Last weekend, senior Vincent Cabias asked his parents for permission to visit a friend at his house.

?No,? Joyce Cabias said. ?You can?t go.?

To Vincent?s disappointment, neither parent gave him a reason for the refusal.

?I want to be able to go out with my friends,? Vincent said. ?I like to go to Drew?s [Wiese, ?09] House and the Doghouse Grill. It irritates me when my parents don?t give me a reason why I can?t go somewhere.?

Many teenagers take note of certain ‘annoying’ habits practiced by their parents, claiming such mannerisms are common in their households and even between friends.

Madera Ranchos resident Joyce implements rules into her son?s life to help him be successful. Joyce views a firm curfew and knowledge of her son’s whereabouts are the most important household rules.

?I believe a parent?s role in a child?s life is to love and nurture them,? Joyce said. ?’Bend but don?t break’ is what I believe in. Sometimes when I lay down the law, Vincent lashes out in fits of anger and uses naughty language. I like to make sure he knows I have the power.?

Of 203 students polled, 38.9% found their nagging to to be their parents’ most annoying habit. Another 31% found overreacting the most irritating tendency.

?Mostly my mom nags me about cleaning my room,? Alyssa Powell, ’10, said. ?I don?t mind if she cleans the rest of the house, but I like my room the way I want it.?

Junior Alyssa Boss also quarrels with her parents over cleaning her room along with her curfew and certain responsibilities around the house.

?Usually when they nag me it turns into an argument,” Boss said. “Then I usually get frustrated and say things I should not.?

Some teens find it easy to get along with their parents. Da Eun Sunwoo, ?10, says her parents try to respond to her problems as friends, not authoritarians.

?My parents don?t annoy me because they trust me 100%,? Sunwoo said. ?They trust me so much because I never lie to them; I have the kind of personality where you can tell when I am lying. When I make a mistake I know it is better to tell the truth, so I talk to my parents like they are my friends.?

Despite annoyances with parents, teens often forget that they, too, develop quirks that parents may frown upon. Whether getting along is an easy task or parents pester their kids, interaction and the occasional argument is inevitable.

For more information, visit Elizabeth Grossman’s Feb. 1 article, Pet peeves press patience.

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