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Girls' soccer sport shorts, 2008-09

(Latest girls’ soccer shorts will be at the top of the section. Scroll down to check out past results. Tournament games do not count toward win/loss record. Visit the Sports Section for girls’ soccer features).

For the 2008-09 schedule or standings and stats, click on FC finished the season at 3-11-3 overall and 0-8 in the West Sequoia League.

GIRLS’ SOCCER, 2008-09

[Season End]

UPDATE: The Eagles’ sophomore forward/goalie was named First Team All-West Sequoia League for the first time.

Due to a game-day auto accident where 4 players were involved, administrators suggested forfeiting the final game of the season to Caruthers, Feb. 13.

FC finished the season at 3-11-3 overall and 2-6 in the West Sequoia League.

For the 2nd time this season, FC defeated Tranquillity, 1-0, Feb. 10, to hand the Tigers their 2nd straight loss.

Sophomore mid-fielder Cassidy Hutchins scored the single goal of the game early in the first half. While attempting to cross to a forward outside the 18 on the right side, Hutchins’ shot flew over the goalie’s head into the top left corner of the goal. Neither team was able to add to the score.

The Eagles maintained pressure throughout the game, and the defense rarely allowed the Tigers’ through the defensive third.

Junior forward Heather Lichti commented on the game and excitement of the win.

“It was a tough game because of several injuries but we held up against them,” Lichti said, “After Cassidy scored we were determined to win the game.”

After the Eagles dropped their last home game, 2-1, to Riverdale, the crowd and players left disappointed and tearful, Feb. 5.

The participants in game, were not only disappointed about the outcome, but also over the injury of junior starting forward Paige Powell.

Within the first 10 minutes, Powell sprang open on a throw-in, and was jostled by an opposing player. Powell was knocked on her left shoulder, and was carried off the field with her collar bone pronounced broken.

After the injury, the Cowboys scored in the first half, but the Eagles retaliated with a goal in the 2nd. Junior Rachel Guthrie, center-mid, scored for FC, tying the game at 1 a piece.

Despite their efforts the Cowboys came back and scored in the last 4 minutes, to steal the game on the Eagles’ senior night.

FC struggled to contain the Parlier offense early in the game. Despite FC’s marking, the Panthers scored 2 in the the first half but were shut down in the second half and beat the Eagles, 2-0.

But the Eagles were upbeat after the game. With over 10 shots on goal, nearly every member of the Eagles’ team got a shot attempt off and carried much of the play in the second half.

Junior striker Heather Lichti commented that the team “really focused on playing together and staying strong.”

Despite the loss, coach Jenn Tatum believes the team worked hard and this showed because of their numerous shots on the opposing team’s goal.

Tatum commented on the teams competitive spirit during the game.

“We played much better in the second half,”Tatum said. “We worked harder on shutting down their offense and had many more shots on goal.”

The Eagles dropped their 7th straight to Fowler, 4-0, Jan. 30.

Despite the lost, FC stayed strong and never gave in against the Redcat offense. Junior striker Heather Lichti saw the game as a “win for the Eagles.”

“Even though the Redcats beat us, this game was the first game where we never gave up and stayed strong even when we were losing,” Lichti said. “Towards the end we were on edge and frustrated with each other but we worked as a team for the most part.”

Coach Jenn Tatum comments on the teams improvment, ” I feel we played more like team, since we read a verse about unity in the body of Christ,” Tatum said, “This was the first game we played had together.”

Fowler scored 3 goals in the 1st half and 1 in the 2nd, while FC’s senior center mid-fielder Lindsey Franz attempted 2 shots on the Redcat goal.

In the 2nd half, sophmore stopper Rachel Wilhelm collided with an opposing player and fell on her knee, missing the remainder of the game.

“Throughout the whole game Rachel played hard and was aggressive,” Lichti said, “She set a good example for our team.”

After allowing 2 goals in the 1st half, FC turned it around in the 2nd, however they still lost to the Blue Raiders, 2-0, Jan. 26.

After holding the opposition scoreless for the opening 20 minutes of the game, FC lost their focused concentration.

The Eagles failed too match up with Caruthers forwards and midfielders, which led to multiple shot attempts. In the beginning of the game, the defense squabbled with each other over mistakes, but picked up their intensity afterwards, allowing no goals in the 2nd half.

FC’s offense put little pressure on the Blue Raider defense (forcing their goalie to touch the ball less than 5 times for the entire game), as only 2 shots were fired on goal.

Though they gave up goals, the Eagles produced a heads-up defensive play curtesy of sophomore Cassidy Hutchins.

After the ball bounced over the head of sophomore goalie Bekah Well, Hutchins ran behind her teammate and stopped the shot just before it found the net.

“I always know that Cassidy has my back on the field,” Wells said. “I was so thankful that she saved that ball, and she hasn’t let me live it down.”

Wells commented on her transition from midfielder to goalie.

“I had been playing as the back-up goalie on my club team so I’m sort of used to the position,” Wells said. “The hard thing about playing goalie is that I can’t dribble down the field and have to stay in the box.”

Despite the rainy forecast and muddy field FC triumphed over Tranquillity, 2-1, for their second win of the season, Jan. 22.

With a vocal crowd on the sidelines, the atmosphere seemed to lift the teams’ spirits and encouraged them to victory. Starting strong, they did not give up despite the goal scored in the first half, according to sophomore captain Cassidy Hutchins.

“We started out fairly strong,” Hutchins said. “The ball stayed on their side of the field most of the time. We also had a lot of shots on goal but never were able to finish [the shots].”

As they have all season long, positions changed going into the second half. Sophomore captain Bekah Wells moved to center midfielder, senior Abby Bauer moved to goal, Hutchins moved to right half, and junior Paige Powell moved to forward.

The changes assisted the team in setting up to score. Just minutes into the second half, Hutchins received a pass and dribbled it up the right side for a goal.

Wells then dribbled up the middle and scored giving the Eagles a lead which they held for the last 20 minutes of the game. The crowd went ecstatic with the victory, congratulating the team on the win.

“Everyone was ecstatic after the game,” Hutchins said. “Coach was so excited she flung her head and thought she lost her contact (lens). It was a really exciting game.”

With no substitutes and reorganization of positions, the Eagles lost to the Cowboys, 5-0, Jan. 20.

Though fighting exhaustion, the team played with energy, but still gave up 2 goals in the 1st half and 3 in the 2nd.

With sophomore Captain Cassidy Hutchins as a forward and sophomore Captain Bekah Wells in the goal, the field was rearranged to fit the size of the team.

Starting forward (junior) Heather Lichti believes the team played hard despite disappointments and lack of players.

“We never gave up,” Lichti said. “Lindsey (Franz ’09) and Janae (Ford ’09) played hard through the whole game and never left their marks. They set a good example for the rest of the team.”

FC stayed strong despite breaks through the defense that caused the last 2 goals in the 2nd half.

With few offensive chances, the Eagle defense could not stop a faster, aggressive Riverdale team and the Cowgirls defeated FC, 7-0, Jan. 20.

With lack of energy, the Eagles came up short, 5-1, to Parlier, Jan. 15.

Starting forward, junior, Heather Lichti, contributed the loss to lack of focus.

“We didn’t put forth our best effort in the beginning of the game so we gave away easy shots,” Lichti said. “We also weren’t focusing or communicating as a team.”

With 3 goals in the first 20 minutes, Lichti took a pass from junior forward, Paige Powell and scored on the Panther goalie.

After a tough 1st half and another goal in the first minutes of the 2nd half, positions were switched and mid-fielder Bekah Wells replaced goalie Abbey Bauer.

Starting forward, junior, Paige Powell comments on sow the team spirit affected their performance in the game.

“Because we have a team of mostly new girls they don’t realize that even if the ither tema scores on you, it is possible to come back and still win,” Powell said. “After the first few goals we gave up instead of playing hard and gave the game away.”

Their efforts helped keep the Panthers from scoring again and held the score at 5-1.

Poor defense plagued the Eagles as they stumbled to their 3rd loss in 4 games with a 7-0 loss to Fowler, Jan. 12

“When we came out for the warmup the girls were already intimidated,” head coach Jenn Tatum said. “They already knew the best players on the other team and who to watch out for. They were really scared.”

The Eagles’ fear showed in the 1st half as Fowler beat them for 4 goals in the half. FC broke down on defense, losing their marks which led to easy Redcat goals.

“At the half, we addressed intimidation,” Tatum said. “I was disappointed because I knew they were better than what they showed. I called out several players who I felt could have gone harder and told them so.”

Team captains Bekah Wells and Cassidy Hutchins raised their level of play in after the half, providing a good example for their teammates according to Tatum.

“My captains did a great job in the second half,” Tatum said. “They stepped it up and got the team motivated.”

For the 1st 30 minutes of the half, the Eagles held the opposition scoreless, which getting several shots on goal themselves. However Fowler broke through with 3 goals in the last 10 minutes breaking their coach’s golden rule: “play to the whistle.”

A newcomer to soccer, senior Abby Bauer took the place of former starting goal keeper Danielle Lauber, who transfered schools at the semester, and showed promise at the position.

The game against Mission Prep, Jan. 9, has been cancelled due to schedule conflict.

In a tiring match-up against the Dos Palos Broncos, the Eagles struggled to keep a steady pace in a 2-2 tie, Jan. 6.

Though FC started out strong with a goal from Cassidy Hutchins, ’11, within the first 10 seconds of the game, the Eagles failed to maintain intensity.

“We were really out of shape,” head coach Jenn Tatum said. “We lost a lot over the break and haven’t had a chance to get it back.”

With a score of 1-1 at the half, pressure to take shots mounted. Junior Paige Powell made many attempts on goal but to no avail. In the middle of the second half Heather Lichti, ’10, scored another for the Eagles via an assist from Hutchins.

However, the Broncos put one more in the goal and after that, neither team was able to pull ahead.

“I’m not angry, just frustrated,” Tatum said. “We didn’t play bad, but we didn’t play great.”

After a long night filled with newcomer initiation and prank calls, the Eagles struggled to rouse enough energy in their 6-1 loss to the Mustangs, in the final game of the Garces Holiday Festival in Bakersfield, Dec. 20.

The Mustangs opened the game with a goal in the first couple minutes.

Putting the Eagles on the board, junior forward Heather Lichti scored a goal late in the second half giving FC some motivation.

However, Mojave kept the pressure on the Eagles for the entire game, scoring 3 goals in each half. Yet their strongest player, who had scored all their goals up to the half, was taken out in the middle of the second because of a hand injury.

The Mustangs continued scoring despite the roster change, scoring 3 in the second half.

In their second game of the day, the Eagles battled the Kern Valley Broncs with 10 sometimes 9 players in the 2-0 loss, Dec. 19.

With the loss of Rachel Wilhelm, ’11, due to continuous knee pain, FC held Kern Valley for the first 30 minutes making the score 0-0 at the half.

However FC came out slow and tired in the second half allowing the other team to score on a breakaway past the defense.

In the last 10 minutes of the game sophomore Cassidy Hutchins was taken out of the game for an ankle injury.

The Eagles, with 9, struggled to mark up on extra players, allowing another goal in the last 5 minutes of the game.

The Eagles opened up the annual Bakersfield tournament with a 1-0 victory over Arvin, Dec. 19.

Although FC mainly stayed on Arvin’s defensive third, they were unable to score throughout the game.

“They really weren’t that great of a team,” head coach Jenn Tatum said. “We didn’t take advantage of their weaknesses and pressure the defense.”

With nearly a minute left in the second half, sophomore Cassidy Hutchins drew a foul in the middle of the field. While goalie Danielle Lauber, ’12, came up to take the free kick, the FC offense pushed up while remaining on-sides. Hutchins made a breakaway with the ball, scoring in a one-on-one match with the goalie.

“At the end of the game it was getting a little intense,” Hutchins said. “Pressure to score grew and it was a relief to put our team in the lead.”

With their first win under their belt the Eagles look forward to league.

“Now that we have a win under our belt we can finally look forward to the season,” Hutchins said. “I think this game illustrates the improvements our team has made and shows that we are ready for league.”

In frigid playing conditions, the Eagles moved too slowly for the opposing team’s hot offense in a 6-0 loss against Farmersville, Dec. 16.

FC failed to take advantage of Farmersville’s poor defense, even though they pressed the entire field.

“We were on their defensive third more than we have been any other game,” head coach Jenn Tatum said. “But when we got down there we lost the ball.”

The Eagles could not keep up with the Aztec’s footwork and speed. With several strong forwards and midfielders, Farmersville easily charged the defense.

“It was kind of frustrating because we were not marking up and making were making stupid mistakes,” sophomore Bekah Wells said. “We need to improve at clearing and man-to-man marking.”

Despite the score, Tatum commended the teams perseverance in the face of adversity.

“It always surprises me that the girls never give up,” Tatum said. “It doesn’t matter if they are playing men down or playing a better team, they always seem to play their hardest.”

Unfavorable altitude and a small roster did nothing to aid the Lady Eagles in a 6-1 loss to Sierra, Dec. 11. Lack of motivation amongst the girls allowed the Chieftains to boost their score as well.

“It was really frustrating because they weren’t a very good team and I think we could have won if we didn’t give up,” junior Paige Powell said. “I don’t think the score should have been what it was.”

A called penalty inside the 18 gave Sierra an undeserved goal, making the score 3-0 at the end of the half. From the start of the second half, FC’s morale dropped sharply.

The Eagles lone attempt at the goal came from sophomore Bekah Wells after Powell was fouled inside the goal box. Wells took the penalty kick, and the ball went in after rebounding off the left post. The game was called 10 minutes early because of a lack of daylight.

In a cold match-up against FC played an equally matched contest vs. the visiting Immanuel Eagles resulting in a 1-1 tie, Dec. 8.

The Eagles’ offense kept the ball on the Immanuel side of the field the majority of the game and fired off several shots at the goal, but their defense proved worthy opponents. However, Immanuel was able to score a goal in the last minute of the first half.

After the half, the Eagle’s answered back when sophomore midfielder Cassidy Hutchins broke away, and on an assist from Bekah Wells, ’11, scored her first goal of the season.

Due to a lack of light, the game was called 10 minutes early.

Still recovering from their first games the day before, the Eagles’ defensive pressure only allowed one in a 1-0 loss to Firebaugh, Dec. 4.

While Firebaugh entered the game with more than 20 players, FC held their offense until late in the second half with 10 players and no subs. They struggled to field a full team throughout the night due to multiple injuries and fatigue.

In the second game, the Eagles lost center midfielder, Bekah Wells, ’11, due to a calf injury. FC battled even though they only played with 9, sometimes 8 in the 5-0 loss to Corcoran.

“We really came together as a team tonight,” head coach Jenn Tatum said. “Mostly in the second game because we had more heart and more drive. Even when we dropped down to eight we still had endurance; it felt like we had 11.”

Although the Eagles decreased the amount of goals allowed from the first day, coach still seeks improvement.

“We really need to work on man-to-man marking,” Tatum said. “We left too many open and couldn’t get back in time to stop them from scoring.”

Before the start of the season, returning players had to recruit just to be able to enter the tournament.

“At least half the team has either never played before or has played but don’t know what to do,” Tatum said. “It’s coming together and we’re starting to figure it out.”

Despite having only practiced as a whole team once, several members of the roster down with injuries, and barely enough people to field a team, the Lady Eagles went head to head in games against Caruthers (6-0) and Strathmore (10-0), but came out lacking.

“This was a learning experience for us,” first year head coach Jenn Tatum said. “The girls were on their toes and very aggressive the whole game. Defenders Tori Breedlove and Rachel Guthrie [both juniors] played tough, and all the girls played up until the last whistle.”

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    My brother, sister, and I grew up with Spencer and Brady Lee. The Yees and Lees. Haha. I still remember going over to their house and seeing them improve their basketball skills by shooting over and over again.

    Spencer is very committed to the sports he plays and always tries his best. He is a great athlete as well as a family friend.

    Keep up the hard work, Spenc!