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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Supernatural saga rallies fans

Vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters: these are some of the mystical characters in the Twilight saga. The epic series has methodically collected fans since the launch of the first book, Twilight, right up to the release of the fourth and final novel, Breaking Dawn, which came out Aug. 2.

Similar to the frenzied release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, hardcore fans gathered for the midnight release of Breaking Dawn at bookstores nationwide. This fantasy series has revealed itself as one of the most popular books with the teenage crowd since Harry Potter.

Published on October 5, 2005, and written by Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight saga story takes place in Forks, Washington, where self-proclaimed “average” teenager Bella Swan first begins her adventures.

With the ice-cold weather and a small population, Bella finds this move to Fork a dreaded one. Out of the boring population of Forks High School, Bella spots one group of kids who seem a little out of the ordinary, and not just because they are all inhumanly beautiful. Edward Cullen, along with his stepbrothers and sisters, avoid other kids at any cost.

Edward seems to regard Bella with the utmost contempt, seeming to hate being in close confines with her. With his pale, ice cold skin and silent demeanor, nobody understands him and his family of stepbrothers (Emmett and Jasper) and stepsisters (Rosalie and Alice).

Everything changes when Bella is almost flattened by an out-of-control car, and at the last second, Edward manages to somehow keep her out of harm’s way.

As the two’s relationship unfolds, the questions are answered: Edward Cullen is part of a family of vampires ? and happens to be a bloodsucker himself. Despite Bella’s more-than-appealing scent to Edward, the two fall deeply in love, and their relationship continues to grow and change throughout the next three novels.

As the story progresses, Bella discovers many new things about the world. Not only vampires but werewolves also roam the forests, including Jacob Black, as revealed in the second novel, New Moon.

Following the saga, Bella is forced to make many decisions, concerning both her status as human among vampires and choosing between Edward’s perfect, careful love and Jacob’s often savage attitude.

Even though these books are almost 700 pages each, Meyer definitely makes the series an easy read. Throughout the story, Bella constantly has a conflict of having two friends who are ancient enemies. With Jacob’s constant anger problems and Edward’s over-protection of Bella, they constantly butt heads over her. My opinion of both characters changes many times with each rising conflict.

Readers may find the second book, New Moon, to be a lull in the series, but not for fans of Jacob. Bella seems to spend more time with Jacob, and while Edward somewhat fades away from the picture, he does not fade from Bella’s mind.

In the third book, Eclipse, Bella still has to decide between Edward or Jacob, though this time around, the two are a constant in her life.

In the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, Bella finally decides between Edward and Jacob while dealing with more than one life-threatening situation. In the end, though, the final book ties up each loose end and serves as a definite end for the contingent series ? for now, that is.

Throughout the series, Bella has the constant struggle of not feeling poised or graceful like Edward. However, she soon finds that her clumsiness is not as bad as she thought.

As Meyer guides the readers through many adventures, she leaves them wanting to know what comes next, whether it be in the next chapter or the next novel. With the constant supernatural action in Bella’s life and the almost dreamlike love of Edward, readers may have a hard time putting the Twilight saga down.

This story takes readers to a fantasy world, but the setting still remains in the reality. Meyer somehow incorporates modern day struggles, such as drama, gossip, decision making and following your heart. This is probably why this series is so popular and readers can somehow relate to Bella and her struggles.

The movie version of Twilight will be released into theaters on Nov. 21. On Dec. 31, Stephenie Meyers will also release the Twilight Saga Official Guide.

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    Richard LopezMay 17, 2010 at 6:59 am

    This is what makes Hamlet awesome! Everyone dies! Well, not EVERYONE, but virtually everyone! That is why Hamlet is definitely one of my favorite plays!