Zoo closed for Sadies

Other Staff

For one night of the year the rules were flipped and the girls treated the guys for a change. Where better to spend Sadie Hawkins 2002 then at the Chaffee’ Zoo. The hard work and preparation of student leadership and leadership advisors paid off on April 6 when the entire zoo was closed off specifically for the FC student body.

“We had to call the zoo to make arrangements a couple of months in advanced,” Eunie McEntee, activities director, said. “Everything went pretty well. The kids said that they didn’t want a magician at first, but it turned out pretty well.

Between 6:30 and 10:00 p.m. the school had free reign over the park for music, magic, and one exhausting scavenger hunt.

“The scavenger hunt as a whole was fun,” Sara Weins, ’04, said. “I think it could have been a bit shorter on account that it was so tiring, but each individual station was very creative.”

Reports given to the staff in charge that night show that park officials were pleased with the conduct of the students.

“One of the members of the zoo committee complimented the students,” McEntee said. “He said that usually things like this could get pretty rowdy, but they were very composed.”

Students who were interviewed seamed to be very pleased in general with the organization of the event.

“Last year at Blackbeard’s was fun because there was so much stuff to do,” Nick Jones, ?02, said, “but I did think that this years activities were planned very well.”

Ideas have already begun to develop for next year’s Sadies. The staff that puts on the event tries to have at least four types of events to rotate with each year.

“Next year we are thinking of either a square dance or a sock hop,” Chris Schultz, activities director, said. “We have enough event ideas to rotate around so that no class experiences the same thing twice before graduating.”” “Stacey Belmont” “The elephant team acted a lot like monkeys during Sadie Hawkins at the Chaffee Zoo on April 6. About 200 students participated in a scavenger hunt, watched a magic show, ate dessert and listened to music for three hours.” “” “” “Chaffee Zoo