FC Live offers inside look

Other Staff

An excellent education is integral for the successful future of every child, but for many families, finding a quality education that is consistent with Christian values can be a struggle.

On February 7th from 7-8:30 p.m., Fresno Christian will prepare for an event called FCS Live, which will be held in the JJ Hospitality room. The goal of FCS Live is to introduce prospective new students and their parents to the curriculum, teachers and the administration of Fresno Christian.

“FCS Live is about putting the people who can answer questions together with the people who are asking them,” Superintendent Tim Wilkins said.

One major advantage of attending FCS Live is the fact that students can learn more about their own individual areas of interest. Prospective students will glean information on athletics or academic programs that they will have the opportunity to become involved with.

“Our goal is to show outside families or any others who are interested, the quality of our educational programs, our academic excellence and about our spiritual life or electives that are offered,” Jon Endicott, vice principal, said.

About 80 families have attended this event in past years. Even families whose children are currently enrolled are welcome to come and find out even more information about areas of the school that are unfamiliar.

“Parents of current students have questions that we will answer for them,” Endicott said. “We want to get to know parents and begin a relationship with them and their children, even if they are currently attending.”

This is an excellent opportunity to get an in depth look at FC. Anyone interested in K- 12 is welcome. For more information on the event, contact the high school office at 299-1695.