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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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TheCall awakens spiritual fellowship

?And I can hear the sound of rain…He’s coming to America again. And I plead for mercy, I plead for mercy,? the woman sings out. The musicians around her support her voice with their instruments.

All around, people cry out to God in various ways. Some sing along with their arms outstretched to heaven, some kneel with their faces close to the ground, some read their Bibles and others pray together.

Around 25,000 people made a pilgrimage to the San Diego Charger’s Qualcomm stadium for one purpose: to ask for God’s intervention in California, Nov. 1. For twelve hours, the massive group of believers, including eight campus students, fasted, worshipped and prayed without repose.

?I found out about TheCall at the Wednesday Bible study group when Pastor Chad, whose youth group was taking the trip, told us about it,? Elise Porter, ’11, said. ?I wanted to go because I feel like I tend to neglect God throughout the week, so I wanted to dedicate a day to him.?

To mark the coming of TheCall, a 40-day fast began the day of See You At the Pole. Some fasted food completely, some withheld one meal, and some set aside habits like MySpace. The specific day of TheCall most ate nothing.

?The fasting wasn’t too bad until the last few hours,? Nathaniel Nyberg, ’10, said. ?It was a good experience because I felt I was growing closer to God.?

Though most did not know what to expect when arriving at TheCall, an expectation of God’s movement was present.

?I really wasn’t sure what we would be doing but I knew God was going to meet us there,? Heather Lichti, ’10, said.

Inspired by the Promise Keepers Promise Keepers ministry and a God-given vision, Lou Engle
formed TheCall. Through the hand of God, the first TheCall took place in Washington, D.C., Sept. 2, 2000.

Throughout the years, TheCall has landed in such cities as Dallas, Boston and Kansas City, and in other countries like Australia, Germany, and Norway. TheCall aims to bring people from all kinds of backgrounds together.

?What impacted me most was everyone was together in unity: the separation of denominations [and ethnic backgrounds] didn’t matter,? Trent Souza, ’09, said. “The diversity stretched from Chinese, Korean, Caucasian, Latino, African-American, and even some visiting Europeans. Denominations of the faith included Catholic, Evangelical, and Protestant.”

Throughout the day, anonymous people voiced issues and nameless bands led in praise and pleading to God. The only people with known identification were Dr. James Dobson and his wife, who spoke briefly.

The issues presented throughout the day included abortion, homosexuality, the election and revival of the country. With raised arms and heads bowed, people repented for the sins of America and beseeched for Christ to work in the country. They prayed for movements like Proposition 8 and 4, asking for the hearts of the voters.

“‘Oh look,’ the nurse said, ‘Twins.’ Once she said that, I screamed for them to stop, and the doctors had to hold me down to finish the procedure,? a woman said while describing her last abortion to the crowd. Another was of an ex-lesbian who described how a friend led her to Christ when she wanted to commit suicide.

?TheCall instilled a heart of worship in me,? Scott Orcutt, ?09, said. ?The spiritual atmosphere impacted me because it was so thick I could feel it.?

The next TheCall will travel to Nairobi, Kenya on Dec. 6 for a gathering to awaken the spiritual slumber in Africa.

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