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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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An over-stretched Christmas

During the Christmas season, we as students and members of the community are strongly encouraged to give to those in need. Giving, and especially to those we don’t know and without expecting a “thank you,” is quite a noble cause; nobody can deny that.

However, during this holiday season I am feeling over-stetched. I am expected to, of course, give to all of my friends and family members, which is a norm.

Also, my school has asked me to support numerous causes. From Toys for Tots, which is being promoted on the radio and by the U.S. Marine Corps; to my school’s support of World Vision‘s program where organizations can buy animals which then are donated to support a family or village; and the coat, blanket and toy drive which benefits the Poverello House, we have been asked to donate numerous times.

While it is true that I do have a job which basically supports me nicely, I do not have any, let alone hundreds, of extra dollars sitting around to donate to these awesome organizations. I wish I was able to contribute significantly to each and every organization I was asked to support, but that is not realistic, especially during this time when our economy is hurting so badly.

I feel guilty not being able to support these causes, but isn’t that ironic? The reason for this season is first of all, to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus, and secondly give generously to those around us to remind them of His birth. The point was never to make people feel bad for not giving, for that directly distracts us from the joy we should be floundering in. Friends of mine have also expressed to me their feelings of guilt for not being able to afford presents for all of our mutual friends and their families.

Sometimes the causes which we are asked to donate to guilt us into giving. I feel this way most often when pushy people aggressively ask for money at storefronts and in the mall. Sometimes these people, who I am sure have nothing but the purest of intentions, unintentionally use our wanting-to-be-helpful nature to guilt us.

Many parents are cutting back on Christmas tree buy and even gifts for their kids this year due to the slump in the economy. According to CNN Money‘s November article entitled “Holiday Shoppers Show Restraint,” the shopping which took place on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving this year fell 3.5% from last year, meaning consumers spent an average of $347.44.

This year, we should be conservative while reaching into our wallets, while still helping the needy in our community and around the world by donating manual labor instead of monetary contributions, if at all possible.

As we learned through the school-wide service day, contributing time helps us relate to and connect with those less fortunate than us. Giving money is a noble thing to do but pales in comparison to the delightful feeling that comes from manually serving another person or for the better of your community.

Most importantly, we should remember the birth of Christ and be thankful for that blessing. Also, we should try to contribute what we can without over-doing it, be it hours of physical labor or monetary donations.

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  • M

    Maddie YeeAug 18, 2010 at 6:57 am

    It has been so awesome to see Ashley participate in Cross Country, Soccer, and now Track! She is amazing at sprints and is truly dedicated to her sport. Whatever she does, she tries her hardest, and also encourages others to do their best. Good luck with the rest of your season, Ashley!