AP biology goes coastal

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AP biology class went to Santa Cruz for an outside-the-classroom lesson. The class of three seniors, two juniors and a sophomore left from campus on April 25, bringing back three days of hands-on experiences.

“I’ve enjoyed the enviroment at Santa Cruz,” Stephen Crosby, ?02, said. “We had a amazing time learning about God creation and how design is found everything.”

The class visited the University of California Santa Cruz Seymour Marine Labs, one of the11 maritime institutions on the Monterey Coast, and observed the lives of the researchers at the Lab and viewed the project they are currently working on.

“It was interesting to see what real people do in marine biology,” Madeline Erivn, ?04, said. “It was amazing to see the amount of effort they put into their work and how much they enjoy doing it.”

The students then spent the rest of the day at the tide pools, collecting sea anemones, starfish, clams, barnacles and kelp.

“Going to Santa Cruz gives students a chance to work in the field,” Rod Atchley, biology teacher, said. “Santa Cruz provides a natural laboratory for students to see how living things interact with their environment.”