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Some teenagers only dream of visiting foreign countries, but in early June of 2003, Greg Stobbe, English teacher, plans to take over 30 students to visit Switzerland and Germany, using EF Educational Tours. The trip will last 17 days, flying out of San Francisco and exploring highlights such as Zurich, the Matterhorn, and the birthplace of “Mad” King Ludwig II. Attendees met to prepare themselves for the trip on Nov. 25.

“While taking students on a two-week trip can be trying at times,” Stobbe said, “I believe that educational trips are both fun and beneficial for the long term development of a student’s cultural awareness. There is a tremendous difference between just reading about a topic than actually visiting and interacting with local people and their environment.”

The approximate cost is $3,200, which includes airfare, bus and train fares, museum entrance fees, hotel, tour guides, cruises and two meals a day.

“It’s not a very expensive trip considering where we’re going,” Sarah Parker, ’04, said. All you have to do is send out sponsor letters and do fundraisers. You can pretty much pay for the whole thing.”

A bilingual tour director will greet the group after clearing customs in Zurich, one of Europe’s ?most visually enthralling regions’ according to EF. The director will remain with them for the duration of the trip.

“I heard about the trip from Phillip Ocheltree,” Shawn Cason, ’04, said. “I think that this is going to be the best trip I have ever been on. I heard that last year it was a lot of fun.”

The group plans to explore, Zermatt, “the town without cars,” at the foot of the Matterhorn. Electric cars, horse-drawn sleighs and carriages are the only transportation allowed. In Zermatt, they will visit the Alpine Museum.

“I would really like to go; I would love to,” Jamie Meadows, ’03, said. “I am going to New York with Acadec first and there is a chance I will do both.”

The tour will spend several days in Liechtenstein, where they will complete a cross-cultural service opportunity. A visit behind the scenes with the National Tourism Director is planned. A free day will be allowed to explore Liechtenstein using public transportation, and a hike along the border of Austria, museums, swimming, biking, or another tour is yet to be decided.

“My mom, dad, sister and I are going,” Alex Elmore, ’05, said. “They thought it would be cool, and my sister will be in high school next year. Also, I sure like Stobbe; he’s a great guy. There will also be some good chocolate.”

After Liechtenstein, the group will travel to Garmisch, with a stop at Linderhof Castle and Neuschwanstein, and fly home after two days in Munich, Germany.
” “Courtesy of Jeff Torosian, ?02” “From the top of Mt. Pilatus, visitors can see into Italy. Greg Stobbe, English teacher is planning another trip for June 2003 to take interested students and adults to Switzerland and Southern Germany for a 17-day trip.

Here Jeff Torosian, ?03, left, and his Dad stand near a revolving restaurant with a spectacular view of the Alps. Stobbe is planning to return to this area for the same view. Contact Stobbe through this paper or call 297-9464 ext. 151 for more information. There is still room for those interested in going with the group.” “Jeff Torosian, ?02” “With a stop at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, visitors can take a gondola or train to a land of glaciers, alpine meadows and spectacular views of the Alps. Here students and adults can see views of the Jungfrau and other mountains. Teacher Greg Stobbe is planning a trip to the Alps on an educational tour that will include a stop at the Matterhorn in Switzerland in June 2003. Stobbe has a 17-day itinerary planned.” “Switzerland online

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