Ensemble produces CD on campus

Other Staff

Ensemble gathered for their final project as a group for the year on May 22-23. An annual ensemble tradition has always been to record a CD so they can recall fond memories of the year and preserve their music.

“We were diffidently prepared to make this CD,” Jonathan De Groot, ’02, said. “We all blended really well together. It is really fun to get the CD back during the summer and to listen to it. Especially since I am not going to be here next year I will be able to hold on to these memories for ever.”

Not only the seniors are looking forward to having the memory of the CD but also the underclassmen.

“Making the CD was not only fun but having the CD to look back on will be a really good memory for my high school years,” Emily Goertzen, ’04, said. “I think this year was really rewarding and we all worked really well together as a team. We have worked hard all year and this will be a fun way to end the year.”

For some the year has very rewarding but the amount of work that needed to be put in was found exhausting.

“Making the CD is really time consuming,” Leah Brouwer, ’03, said. “It gets frustrating when we would have to record the same song over and over. I am looking forward to when the CD comes. I am sure all the work will be worth it in the end. This year has been a great experience even though it was stressful at times.”

Not only the members of ensemble enjoyed the year but also choir director Marc Ferguson.

“Recording the CD was a rewarding way to end the year,” Ferguson said. “It was a great year for kids, our music and for me personally. The students were very focused and excited all year.”