Senior editor writes campus farewell

Other Staff

It has been said that all good things must come to an end. As me days here at Fresno Christian slowly draw to an end I am all the more reminded of this painful fact.

Aside from the obvious sadness that is a part of moving on, the good memories from my three-year stay are what I will always cherish.

My memories are filled with the people that I have come to love and care about in the activities and sports I have been a part of. While many may think that I only hold fond memories of my fellow students, which I do, my memories are also filled with the teachers and faculty that have helped to make this a wonderful time in my life.

I will always remember my first year when Papa (Gary) Schultz, Mrs.(Molly) Sargent, Mr. (Greg) Stobbe and Coach (Christopher) Schultz quickly formed bonds with me and made me feel very comfortable. In addition to that, I will not be able to ever look past the example they set for my peers, as loving trustworthy servants of God.

This influence has worked to transform me over the last three years from a haughty, insignificant little boy into a mature confident young man who is ready to ser out on his own.

As I part for what promises to be my last time, I give you this. Cherish the memories and the people, do not take their love for granted and always remember: never take God for granted.