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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Leadership takes toll

The allure of power draws many young people to seek positions of leadership. The obedience of subordinates and decision-making freedom presenting the roles of president, captain and editor as coveted ones.

However, these posts are often accompanied by unpredicted headaches due to responsibilities thrust on leaders. While a sports team captain may be widely lauded for a playoff win, this glory fades when he is blamed for a last-second defeat.

President Barack Obama may feel the same way: while his inauguration was celebrated as a pivotal change in our nation’s history, he has also assumed and inherited all of America’s problems. Despite his current popularity, any sort of calamity will undoubtedly bring him unwarranted blame.

This complex is also applicable on a smaller scale. ASB president Tatiana Fontes, ’10, will be applauded for a successful Night of the Stars, Sadie Hawkins and Nuthouse. However, if someone in the leadership class orders the blue streamers for the ballroom late, she will be the one stapling all night long.

In addition to receiving blame and a hefty workload, potential leaders should also consider the emotional tolls. While a sports team may understand that the captain is not at fault, he may go home in tears, feeling responsible for not leading his team adequately.

With these drawbacks to leadership, it is easy to wonder if power is worth the heartache. Our society is full of leaders broken and burned out by their responsibilities. Nevertheless, the level of misery is dependent on one’s personality. Impeached U.S. president Richard Nixon was once quoted as saying “I like the job I have, but if I had to live my life over again, I would like to have ended up a sports writer.”

But for others, tenacity and a hunger for power are enough to justify taking the fall. And despite outside circumstances, from Hurricane Katrina to a winter formal catastrophe, the person in power must choose to make their personal pain worthwhile.

This is why certain personality types are drawn to power: to balance unflappable confidence with humility is no easy task. With this in mind, we should respect our leaders as they receive both our adoration and censure.

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