Senior Feather staff member graduates

Other Staff

Is it finally over? Have I finally cross the finish line? The shock still hasn’t settled in yet. It is hard to express what I feel, realizing that I am leaving behind 13 years of memories at Fresno Christian. Part of me is completely ready to move on to the next stage in my life, but the other part will greatly miss the people here.

On top of the strong friendships, caring teachers and crazy times, there is one class I will dearly miss; that is journalism and the cycles of creating a paper. In one year’s time, I have gone from an idiot, know-nothing staff writer to a capable, know-something staff writer/backup photographer.

Under advisor’s Greg Stobbe’s wing, I’ve learn to express myself in ways I could not have imaged the first time I walked into the short, second period class.

Who would have thought that a one-eyed, hockey guru, Canadian could bring so much life to a class? And with this MUY loco teacher, who would have thought that our motley crew could have so much fun creating a professional, Valley-winning newspaper at the same time.

My advice for people choosing publications, as a potential class is this: the amount of time you spend doing your work will affect your experience in this class. The more effort and time you put in, the greater the amount of fun ad learning you will receive. And, spend your time wisely.

Mr. Stobbe and the publication class, I want to thank you for the opportunity be a part of your class and giving me several of many, unforgettable memories in this chapter of my life. Thank you and God bless.