Feather back online August 26

Other Staff

Campus is in full swing as freshmen scramble to attend their first classes, football prepares for Immanuel, and The Feather staff gears up to cover academics, sports, music and drama, relevant issues and student life.

During last school year, Greg Stobbe’s journalism class produced 300 articles about campus life and six print editions of The Feather.

With the start of the 2002-2003 school year, the staff has grown to over 20 writers and editors, who by the third day of school had begun writing new articles about school news, features and sports. Look online for new articles beginning August 26.

With the advent of the online edition of The Feather, new articles will be published almost every day while classes are in session.

In addition to writing and publishing daily, the staff of The Feather plans to increase their knowledge of the journalism industry by visiting local media outlets including The Fresno Bee on Sept. 24.

Older articles can still be accessed online using The Feather’s archive system, which can be searched using the text field at the upper left hand corner of The Feather’s homepage.

For those who wish to contact The Feather can do so using the Contact button to ask questions or offer suggestions. The Feather welcomes guest writers and their opinions. Go to www.thefeather.com for articles and up-to-date articles on school life.