Leaderships hosts free BBQ

Other Staff

The lunch bell rang and the students hurried outside to wait in line for a sizzling barbecue and mouth-watering snow cones. This year’s student leadership hosted a free barbecue for the entire student body on Aug. 23.

“I was excited about leadership sharing their generosity with the student body,” Kacie Filgas, ’05, said. ” I think it brought students closer with the other kids on campus.”

In past years, on the first Friday of every school year the student leadership has sponsored an activity to benefit the student body. Students have traversed to John’s Incredible Pizza or Woodward Park and have purchased their own meals. This year the leadership team wanted to make a significant contribution so they picked up the tab for the event.

“We just wanted students to know that we care about them,” Christopher Schultz, students activity director said. “We want them to have a lot fun and most of all we want them to get involved. We trust that this event will be the beginning of an amazing and exciting year.”

There was a rally before the barbecue, in which the students competed against each other in an interclass contest called the Blender Barf. Contestants were asked questions about school history and staff and if answered incorrectly participants had to consume unusual concoctions from the blender.

“I did not know what to expect when I volunteered,” Tara Albrechtson, ’06, said. ” When I sat down and saw the sign saying Blender Barf, I new something gross was coming up.”
Not only did student leadership entertain students but they also impressed them with the tasty meal.

“It was delicious, the best burgers, better than McDonalds,” Morgan Rigby, ’04, said. “I was overjoyed that it was free because I usually don’t buy a lunch. We should do this every week.”

The next pep rally is scheduled for Aug. 30 in order to boost school spirit and attendance at the Immanuel football game, which will be held that night in Kingsburg.