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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Valentine's Day: Hallmark holiday

Bouquets of red roses, heart shaped candies and letters of love fill aisles of gift stores during February. As people prepare for this special day, much thought is put into buying gifts and ways to impress that special someone.

Yet, there are those who will not celebrate this Valentine’s Day with gifts, cards or even have a hope of being admired.

Some believe Valentine’s Day is not just another marketing campaign, but a good way to express feelings of interest or affection.

“It [Valentines Day] gives people who are shy a chance to show their true feelings,” Carson Belmont, ’05, said. “I’m excited to give Hillary a day of leisure and luxury; it is important to show how much I care about her.”

Yet in a Valentine’s Day poll during the first week of February, only 57 out of 164 students interviewed said they were going out on a date. Sixty-eight students revealed they would sit at home alone and do nothing or watch TV.

“Feb. 14 is a good day to dedicate to anyone to show them love, especially moms and dads,” Katelyn Aydelotte, ’08, said. “Early in the morning, my parents wake up my sister and I and exchange gifts, then we eat breakfast and spend the rest of the day together.”

Not everyone is solely focused on single dating as 26 students said they would spend time at home with their family. But most students do not care to think about this day; instead they prefer to treat Valentine’s Day as any regular day.

“I don’t bother to celebrate Valentine’s Day; it is just like any other day to me,” Rosie Walker, ’06, said. “It shouldn’t just be on Feb. 14th that you express how you feel.”

A large number of students believe Valentine’s Day to be ridiculous and that it is no special day. Many would rather ignore this day and spend it soaking in loneliness.

“It’s worthless, too commercialized and something that gives single people a reason to feel bad about themselves and more lonely,” William Hierholzer, ’07, said. “I’m going to stay at home and pretend it’s not Valentine’s Day.”

Although some may have a negative perspective, 81 out of 164 students shared they would enjoy the day by going out with their other single friends, and have fun in spite of Feb. 14 being devoted to lovers.

“My other girlfriends and I are planning on going out to dinner and a movie,” Bethany Morton, ’06, said. “We have just as much fun if not more, hanging out with each other than we would if we were out on dates.”

Valentine’s Day started in the time of the Roman Empire, created to honor Juno, the queen of the Roman goddesses. For this day, the Romans feasted and drew names out of a jar to find their chosen partners for the evening. Some of the pairing continued throughout the year, and may even have led to marriage.

Juno, also known as Hera, Greek goddess of marriage, was the consort of Zeus. Juno is well known for her beauty and deception; she was the patron of marriage for both mortals and immortals.

Like other holidays, Valentine’s Day continues to build on ancient tradition while modern society adds its own flare.

“I like to joke about the fact that Valentine’s Day was invented by Hallmark as a way to sell cheesy cards,” David Akina, physical science teacher, said. “Regardless, I enjoy Valentine’s Day; it gives me another excuse to show my wife I love her.”

For more information on campus activities leading up to Valentine’s Day, contact the high school office at 299-1695 or contact Josh Tosland, student leadership adviser, at [email protected].

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