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Letter to the Editor

Iraqi leader poses grave danger

The international debate regarding what should be done about Iraq continues on ad infinitum with no sign that decisive action will be taken. While the nations squabble, Saddam Hussein and other militant parties are preparing to strike out yet again at innocent people.

Recent reports have shown that Iraq is actively seeking materials that can be used to create weapons of mass destruction. The New York Times reports that over the past year, United States intelligence forces have intercepted repeated attempts by Iraq to import aluminum tubes. These tubes are critical in the development of fissionable material.

In December of 1998, weapons inspectors were kicked out of Iraq, and have not been allowed back since. This clearly shows that Hussein has something to hide. Even if inspectors are allowed in, as is being pushed for by some nations on the UN Security Council, this is no guarantee that there is no danger.

It is very likely that weapons have been made, and then hidden in secret caverns underground, awaiting the fissionable material necessary for an attack.

This threat cannot be ignored any longer. As long as Hussein continues his dictatorial role in Iraq, the danger grows. It is only a matter of time before he will possess nuclear capability.

At that time, it will be to late to mount an offensive. Some city in the Middle East, or the United States will suddenly be a mushroom cloud. This WILL happen if action is not taken. Each day we wait that day grows nearer.

In times of uncertainty, an old adage comes to mind “The best defense is a good offense” We must take the fight to those who would destroy us before we no longer have that opportunity.

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