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Credibility of US evidence in question

As talks proceed in the UN’s Security Council concerning Iraq, it appears that the United States and Britain are the only members who think Iraq is a threat. Such a prospective invasion of Iraq comes with a cost and is presently without sufficient culpable cause.

The present claims by American and British officials that Iraq is developing nuclear weapons is based on Iraq’s recent purchases of aluminum tubing. This same tubing can house uranium, but more commonly is used for air ducts.

No hard evidence of nuclear development exists; it appears that this threat could possibly be only conjecture and nothing more. Such an invasion of Iraq, if there were no threat, would cause the unnecessary deaths of a number of soldiers because someone in Washington blundered.

France, Russia, and China, fellow permanent members of the UN Security Council along with the United States and Britain, still have strong doubts about the Iraqi threat, and obviously would not support any UN peacekeeping action against Iraq.

These three countries give strong implications that they are pushing instead for the resumption of inspections to show the other powers that there is no eminent threat.

A war with Iraq comes with a cost. Firstly, any Middle Eastern war will cause oil prices to rise dramatically even though the Middle East is just one of many sources oil. A good example of such a price escalation was during any of the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

Secondly, it may bring about a trans-Middle Eastern uprising in the Shiite sect of Islam. The Shiites are the same militant sect of which many Iranians and Iraqis are members–usually anti-American.

Such an uprising could also bring about a surge of terrorist activity unlike any that has been seen before. Many Arab terrorists are Shiite, including the members of notorious terrorist groups al-Fatah and al-Qaeda.

Anglo-American invasions are seen by Shiites as an act of evil. The Iraqi people are devoutly loyal to Saddam Hussein, their president–Iraq is a republic, according to the CIA’s online World Factbook–and would probably be very antipathetic to the Anglo-American cause.

If Britain and the United States invade Iraq at the present time, the two powers will most likely have to go alone without UN support. Increased bombing of Iraq began on September 5.

The two nations should wait until there is impeccable incriminating evidence against Iraq’s development of weapons of mass destruction. Then we will know whether the result is worth the cost and the other powers will be more willing to join the fight.

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