Coach juggles fatherhood with school duties

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The campus family grew by one on March 27 as JV football coach and civics teacher Robert and wife Beverly Foshee announced the birth of their son Brice Robert Foshee. Joining the growing list of new campus additions, Brice falls in third, following two-year-old Travis Hall (born to coach Jon Hall) and one-year-old Kamryn Schultz (born to coach Christopher Schultz).

Brice was born at Saint Agnes Hospital and immediately began to socialize with the other coaches’ kids. He enjoys crawling around with the other children and snatching their bottles according to coach Foshee.

“He likes hanging out with other coaches kid’s and students,” Foshee said. “At the senior retreat, he got held more by the students than us.”

Brice also enjoys mucking around with students at school, especially after a JV victory on the football field.

“I love Brice because he’s always smiling,” Carson Belmont, ’05, said. “We wrestle and play hide and seek after the games all the time. I also feel obliged to play with him because his dad’s my coach.”

Foshee enjoys spending time with Brice, but sometimes it’s difficult to juggle his school responsibilities and his commitment as a father.

“He really forces us to be more organized,” Foshee said. “It’s a struggle to distribute time and attention to school, the baby and my wife. I have a lot less free time, but it’s all worth it.”