See You at the Pole support strong

Other Staff

About 65 students met on campus at The Peoples Church flag pole on Sept. 18 in support of the See You at the Pole event nation-wide. The event was organized by students to pray for campus, city, state and national leaders.

“It was a powerful time of prayer,” Carson Belmont, ?05, said. “I felt we really came together to support and make a difference for our school and country. See You at the Pole is an awesome experience because praying with friends keeps me accountable.”

Students from across the country organize themselves to pray without parental, teacher or administration leadership.

“We had a great turn out,” Carli Albrechtson, ?03, student body president, said. “We also had the awesome experience to pray with our teachers. Many other schools do not allow their teachers to join the students around the circle. It was great to see students and teachers together taking their faith seriously.”

See You at the Pole took place on every high school campus in Fresno and often went unobserved by administration or most students.

“Even though the whole school didn’t come out for prayer, I know that God can make a difference in our city and country if we pray and ask Him to act,” Belmont said. “It is also great to know Christian students from all over the nation prayed together for a common purpose.”