Annual beach trip blends sand, fun, football

Other Staff

Food, fellowship, and football?three things that run through the students’ minds as fall approaches. Six years later the student-revolutionized trip to the beach continues to hold the excitement of the first year. Coach Christopher Schultz and Eunie McEntee supervise the student leadership as they organize the beach bash for Oct. 4.

“I always enjoy it,” Schultz said. “Eating clam chowder with other teachers and hearing 200 students go nuts just to support their team is awesome.”

The trip opens the door to freedom and brings back one last bit of summer. Skate boarding, skim boarding and shopping are permissible and encouraged as long as good manners are exercised.

“It’s a great way to get to know people,” Kacie Filgas,’05, said, “both on the bus, at the beach and during the game.”

Students often come out of their comfort zone at the beach but it is also fun for those wishing to relax and enjoy themselves.

“Along with getting to know your classmates,” Holly Deniston, ’04, said, “it’s fun to just kick it with your friends and check out the other team’s players.”

Beach goers will have opportunity to walk around Cayucos and its beach and later attend the Coast Union football game. The tennis team will also play the Broncos at 4 p.m.

Not only are the upper classmen excited but the under classmen are thrilled too.

“From what I’ve heard from the past years, the trip sounds fun to me,” Paul Kinnear, ?06, said.

An average of 200 students make the event each year; it is apparent that the majority considers the trip worthwhile.

“This is one of the school trips that no one should miss,” Schultz said.

With squid football and sand castle building contest this trip, in the past, has proven to be extraordinary.

“I like the beach trip,” Brian Casey,’03, said. “This is a once in a lifetime trip, so don’t be square. Come have fun.”

According to McEntee there is only room for 150 people. The buses will leave about 9 a.m. and will return to campus around midnight. Students are required to sign up in the office and pay $25 for the trip, which includes bus transportation, snacks and entrance fee to the football game that evening in Cambria.