Love week provides fellowship, entertainment

Other Staff

Laughter echoes throughout the entire chapel as the long awaited “Dating Game” grasps the attention of the student body.

Four mysterious shadows wander behind an outstretched curtain while the crowd attempts to put together the pieces of the complicated puzzle to find their true identities.

While the “bachelor” sits only feet away, his goal remains to choose, through a series of both comical, as well as personal, questions, the one date to accompany him to this year’s Night of the Stars.

The bachelor, Seth Lane, ’06, finally makes his anticipated discussion as the entire campus remains puzzled as to whom he will choose. Finally the moment comes to a conclusion and he chooses contestant number four, Christine Brenner, ’07.

For most, the importance of Love Love Love week remains to teach, inform and maybe even to encourage teens to think about their relationships and the true meaning of love.

“The purpose of the whole week is to inform the student body of what true love is and also to provide a generally fun way to celebrate before Valentines day,” Josh Tosland, student leadership advisor, said.

While some students feel that the activities formed by the student leadership team revolve around their agenda to accomplish goals for the school year, most feel that the week offers, in general, a vacation from the ordinary.

“I actually enjoy the events planned during the week because it offers a break in between classes rather than just sitting through a continuous week of lectures and assignments,” Megan Alcorn, ’07, explained as she watched the “Dating Game” in chapel.

As Love, Love, Love week continues to progress, a gender chapel, meant to talk to teens about issues involving premarital sex and the importance of marriage, as well as a inside look of the date that both Belden and Lane shared remains yet to premier this Friday, Feb. 11.

While Valentine’s Day for some may appear as only another day to shower a loved one with gifts and affection, it continues to bind the relationships of a friend, a fellow student, or even an enemy into one as the celebration of Love, Love, Love week continues to unfold.