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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Unwanted hair: A look at shaving

While unchecked body hair is culturally acceptable in certain societies, those who do not shave daily may be frowned upon in this country. Some individuals find it necessary to shave in order to look neat, which leads to a common notion that those with body hair look dirty.

Many men must shave daily for hygiene and to stay in dress code. Terry Richards, junior high science teacher, says he likes to shave every day because it makes him feel clean and fresh.

“I shave every morning because it is a great way to start my morning,” Richards said. “It makes me feel better when I am finished; I smell better and look better without my facial hair.”

Some people are desperate to get rid of unwanted hair, which is why there are professionals who shave and wax for a living. According to Alex Mendoza, a barber who works at the Real Deal Barber Shop in Reedley, there are men who come for haircuts and a shave every day.

“We offer not only haircuts but also shaving as well,” Mendoza said. “The barber-shaving tradition has died, but our shop will keep the tradition.”

Traditional shaving is performed with a straight razor, a very sharp, knife-looking blade. These razors require more expertise and practice, since someone’s neck can be easily cut.

?When I shave men, I do not use straight razors very often,” Mendoza said. “It is almost like a knife, and I can easily hurt someone.”

In his youth, science teacher Herbert Kendall went to the barber to get rid of his unwanted facial hair.

“When I was in high school, I went to a barber to get a shave,” Kendall said. “Back then, they used straight razors. Now that I think of it, I cannot believe that I let them shave me with such a thing. They could have easily killed me.”

Kendall says he is thankful that there are disposable razors now, so he does not have to use straight razors.

“I would never use a straight razor again,” Kendall said. ?We now have amazing razors, and I feel safe using them. The last time I used straight razor was about 40 years ago, and I will never use it again.”

Music teacher Michael Ogdon recently agreed to get a shave from a barber with a straight razor. Despite the supposed risk, he said he had a good experience.

“Some people are scared to get a shave with straight razors, but I am not afraid at all,? Ogdon said. ?When I was younger, I used to live in the Philippines; they used it to shave my head, so it reminded me of my childhood.”

In addition to guys, many girls shave daily or regularly. While girls do not usually shave facial hair, they commonly remove the hair on their legs, arms and armpits.

“I shave my legs about every three days,” Mikayla Messer, ’14, said. “I think that hair represents men and their toughness. And it is a form of self-respect for a girl to shave her legs and armpits, because girls just do not look good with body hair.”

Sophomore Ashley Scott said that she shaves as often as possible. As a volleyball player, she thinks her legs and armpits are always exposed to the public.

“I am an athlete,” Scott said. “It requires me to wear spandex, and I would never wear it without shaving. I do not want people looking at my legs, or touching them and thinking that they are hairy and disgusting.”

However, girls are not the only ones who want to get rid of their body hair for sports. A few guys shave other places in addition to their faces, such as their legs and arms.

“I shave my legs once a week, and my favorite razor brand is Venus Embrace,” Josiah Ford, ’11, said. “I know that it is unusual for a guy, but I started shaving for track because it helps me when I run.”

According to freshman Annaleah Madison, there are several advantages to shaving for sports.

“I shave more when I play sports.” Madison said. “Hair slows people when they play sports. When I am in the air to spike, I feel lighter, and when I am running to get a ball, I can get there faster.”

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