This one got away

Other Staff

The hot day dried out some voices, but could not stifle the excitement and anticipation of the rodeo rally. In honor of the Riverdale cowboys coming to town, the student leadership organized a cowboy-themed rally on September 20.

“I knew we have a chance at winning the rally,” Jenny Ficklen, ’04, said. “We had a lot of enthusiasm, and I think Yockey (Nathen,’03) should have win the best dressed award.”

While some wanted to go all out thrift shopping others decided to stay within their own closet.

“I’m going to do the best I have with the clothes I have,” Jon Howard, ’03, said. “That way I can have fun with other events.”

The baseball diamond set the perfect stage for the terrible controversial pig catching. Kari Maddox, ?03, rented the pig from a piggery.

“I thought it was a bad idea,” Greg Andris, ’03, said, “but it was so funny and easy to get into.”

Although some people took a light-hearted view on it other saw it as offensive.

“It was animal abuse,” Spencer Koleen, ’06, said. “I admit the idea an inventive idea, but the fact that they served hot dogs right after was cruel.”

Although the rallies can only get people hyped the sports teams are doing well. The football team is winning all their games. The tennis team is scoring victories. The volleyball team is unbeaten and students are supporting all the teams.

“Volleyball is fun this year and we’re doing well,” Lindsey Martens, ’05, said. “My friends in tennis come though the gym, they always say how well the team is doing. I think the football team could go all the way this year.”

The next rallies are scheduled for the week of Oct. 14-18 in honor of homecoming.