Students volunteer at Calvin Crest

Other Staff

Exhausted high school counselors came back to school dirty, ready to go home and sleep in a comfortable bed after their Calvin Crest trip from Sept. 23-27.

“Yes, a soft clean bed felt so good,” Carolyn Simpson, ’03, said. “After a week of being crammed into a small, enclosed space, my big bed was nice.”

The junior high students and their counselors retreated to the mountains for a spiritual time when they meditated on God without distractions.

“The quiet time in the mountains was the most spiritual moment for me,” Greg Tharpe,’04, counselor, said,” because the setting was peaceful and relaxing.”

The Calvin Crest worship team led an evening program for singing. Each speaker spoke about a biblical topic of his or her choice. This year Pat Unruh, principal of kindergarten through eighth grade, went up and gave a talk on making right choices.

Everyday the students were required to take classes that included: orienteering, nature appreciation, survival and Miwok Indians. The end of the week wrapped up with a game show for the students.

When the students come back, the eighth grade often has developed closer relationships with each other, the staff, and a deeper appreciation of God’s creations.

Among the other activities, Calvin Crest sponsored a wacky hair and skit night, where kids spray outrageous colors in their hair, and make up really bizarre plays.

“Not only is Calvin Crest a time to grow closer with friends, George Freeman, dean of students, said. “It’s an opportunity for students to have fun and grow with God.”” “Greg Stobbe” “A group of campus students get ready to volunteer for counselor duty at Calvin Crest from Sept. 23-27.” “” “” “