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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Perfect dates: Join the conversation

For many girls, the perfect date is a much-idealized event. In light of this situation, The Feather has collected ideal perfect date stories from some of its staff members.

Over the course of the next few days, several stories will be published below. In addition to the staffers’ responses, The Feather encourages readers to submit their own stories to be published. Please e-mail responses to [email protected] by the last publishing day, Nov. 23.

Hiking Yosemite’s Nevada Falls and Laser Quest
By Chloe Duerr, ’14, Guest Writer,
Nov. 23, 2010

My idea of a perfect date would be going on a double date with my best friend. After spending the day going to Yosemite and hiking, we would have dinner on top of the Nevada Falls. We would watch the sun set together. Then we would hike back down and spend the rest of the night playing Laser Quest.

Day at the lake, pizza and movie
By Jessica Massie, ’11
Nov. 23, 2010

To me, first dates are awkward, and you sometimes feel pressured to go too far too fast; so I like the idea of a no-pressure-activity date. I would want to have the guy come pick me up at my house; we would then follow my family up to Millerton Lake and spend a few hours boating and skiing and tubing on the lake together.

After the long day at the lake, we would drive down and pick up a pizza on our way back to my house. We would eat the pizza with my family while watching a movie. When it ended, he would get up to leave and I would walk him to his car. He would give me a kiss on the cheek and that would be it.

This is the perfect date for me. There is an activity to drive away the awkwardness, there is time alone on the drive up and the drive back, and there’s no pressure because my family is there with us. All in all, a perfect day and perfect date.

Jimy Wen’s and Doctor Who
By Mary Hierholzer, ’12,
Nov. 23, 2010

Since I don’t live in England and therefore cannot live out my dream date (yet), I settle for more of a simple date rather than an extravagant outing. The guy would pick me up from my house and drive us to dinner somewhere cheap but amazing, like Jimy Wen’s in Fresno.

After a nice meal where we spend the time talking, we would drive to a park to walk around or just sit and continue our conversations. The date would end with watching a few episodes of “Doctor Who,” and hopefully he wouldn’t be bored or weirded out by my enthusiasm for the show. This whole concept seems relaxing and still has the components for a legitimate date.

Sand, sunset and stars
By Elora Hargis, ’14, Guest Writer
Nov. 22, 2010

My perfect date would depend on who I’m with. It has to be the one person who is my bestfriend; someone I love spending time with and who has a good sense of humor; someone who knows what I like and what is special to me.

As many other girls have stated before, why not have the perfect date outdoors? God’s creation is so beautiful!

It would begin with my date picking me up from my house in his pick-up truck. From there we would enjoy every moment we had together and sing along to our favorite music blasting on the radio. A super fun car drive to the beach!

Once we arrive at the ocean, we would spend the day boogie-boarding and hanging out on the pier. At sunset we would make our way to the sand dunes. There I would pull out my guitar and play our song as we watch the sunset — an amazing purple and orange horizon.

Once the sun has set, we would sit in the bed of his truck with lots of blankets and eat my favorite food: Subway! The date would end with us gazing at the stars and marveling at God’s wonderful creation.

Spontaneity the key
By Madison Dooley, ’11
Nov. 22, 2010

Bachelorette No. 1 is Madison Dooley: She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain (sometimes long walks on the beach).

On the contrary, the perfect date for me would be nothing too fancy, nice, fun and cheap. I’m quite the old-fashioned romantic, so knowing a guy put a lot of thought and effort into making a fun perfect date is what matters the most. I’m not saying the date would consist of a big fancy dinner at Ruth’s Chris that would result in a “dine and dash,” since neither of us could afford it.

A casual and spontaneous afternoon or evening date would be absolutely perfect. My potential perfect date would pick me up at my house, then meet the parental units, of course, and take me to a fun teenage “hang out” place to get some food.

I don’t mind what happens after that as long as it is fun and it’s something I will not forget. A trip to the beach or the park is just two ideas that popped into my head on the spot. Just knowing that the guy cares and shows that he wanted the date to go perfectly is all that really matters.

Walk around Hume Lake
By Maddie Yee, ’13
Nov. 19, 2010

My perfect date would be a day trip to Hume Lake. On the drive up, we would listen to Michael Bubl

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