Leadership sponsors Kid's Carnival

Other Staff

Elementary students ran from booth to booth, gasping for air while they competed for prizes at the Kid’s Carnival on Sept 27.

Every year the student leadership team, with the supervision of Scott Falk, Eunie McEntee, and Christopher Schultz, organized a carnival for the younger set at Clark Intermediate. The carnival coincided with the football game verses Laton.

Booths varied from face painting to taking pictures with Fierce, the Eagle mascot. This year there were 10 booths, three from each grade level, containing food, drinks, and games including the beanbag throw, a bounce house, and a box maze.

Student council worked day and night for a week to organize this carnival for the elementary kids.

“The carnival was an opportunity for high school students to have fun, be servants for the kids, and to interact with them,” McEntee said. “We tried to build a family atmosphere for the little ones.”

The student leadership team joined together to make this event as attractive and entertaining as possible.

“We had balloons and colorful posters,” Jenna Burford, ’05, said. “We wanted the kids to have fun!”

With all the hard work and planning, the student leadership deemed the evening successful in entertaining the kids.

“I did everything there was in the carnival,” Dyllan Goorabian, third grade, said. ” I won three fish and I loved the bounce house.”

For more information on the Kids Carnival or the student leadership team, parents and students can contact coach Schultz at 297-9464, ext. 124, or McEntee’s ext. 132.