Physics class demonstrates Newton's law

Other Staff

The physics class, studying the laws of physics, demonstrated the power of equal forces on Sept. 27.

“The bottom line is we demonstrated Sir Isaac Newton’s second law,” Rod Atchley, physics teacher, said. “The sum of forces equals mass times acceleration. If we apply a force in a specific direction, the structure of an object pushes back.”

The class applied equal force to hard-boiled eggs both out in the ball field and in the classroom. Students squeezed the eggs and found they remained whole and did not crack.

“If the forces are balanced, the egg doesn’t break, there is no acceleration and the force is not enough to explode the egg,” Atchley continued.

However, some students went beyond equal pressure and discovered a soft-boiled egg by accident.

“I thought the egg was hard-boiled,” Michelle Smith, ’04, said, “and when I squeezed it, I found out the hard way the egg was raw. I was disgusted and, unfortunately, Carli (Albrechtson, ’03,) was egged in the process.”

Albrechtson said the egg soaked through her lab coat and stained her shirt.

“Michelle needs to buy me a new shirt,” Albrechtson said. “We also both found out eggs need to boil for four minutes.”

Atchley was humored at his students’ untimely and unfortunate discovery.

“In this case, the students applied a net unbalanced force to the egg structure,” Atchley said. “Since the forces weren’t balanced, there was an acceleration and they blew the egg all over Michelle’s face.”