Beach trip encourages fun, fellowship

Other Staff

Sand soccer, a dead half-buried seagull, and shopping highlighted the sixth annual beach trip to Cayucos on Oct. 4. Some walked through oceanfront stores, swam with seals, and played on swings while others squirted people with squirt guns. Students on the pier were treated to clear skies and a warm ocean breeze.

“The trip was so much fun,” Seth Fisher, ’04, said, “because we got to stay longer at the beach, and it made the sand crabs happy.”

While the junior varsity football team left to prep for their game, the rest of the student body hung out eating fish and chips, ice cream sundaes, and hamburgers until five.

After the JV game began, high school students played catch, watched the game and hung out with friends.

“It was so much fun,” Kyle Gentz, ’05, said,” I hung out with my friends and watched the game.”

While over 240 students were playing in the sand, a few stayed at school and played games and watched movies. Some wished that they could have gone on the trip.

“I wanted to go on trip,” Rebecca Wilson, ’06, said, “because I love going to the games and the beach, plus it’s better than staying at school.”

In the foggy and damp conditions, both junior varsity, 21-7, and varsity, 42-13, football teams beat the Coast Union Broncos.