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NOTS attendees plot creative date invitations

As Night of the Stars (NOTS) approaches, its thrills and traditions command conversation; girls chat about dresses and guys discuss whom to invite.

While many choose to attend NOTS with friends, some guys plan how to ask a girl as their date. To that end, they often carry out attempts ranging from basic requests to elaborate scavenger hunts.

Instead of waiting until the last minute to ask, guys often ask their desired date weeks, sometimes over a month, before NOTS. Freshman Eric Cowin decided to ask his date about a month ahead of time.

“I needed to get ready if I ask early,” Cowin said. “Then, I would know who is available and who is not.”

Cowin asked fellow freshman Chloe Duerr, drawing on their mutual appreciation for music by writing a song for Duerr and performing it for her during lunch in the Music Suite.

As the recipient of a creative invitation, Duerr valued Cowin’s effort to make the experience unique.

“I felt special when Eric asked me, because he put such effort into it,” Duerr said. “I am pretty sure that it was hard for him to write a song, but he did it for me, so I am thankful.”

When sophomore Dominic Mendoza asked classmate Ashley Scott, he placed countless adhesive notes which read “NOTS?” in her locker, then presented her with chocolate. The surprise won Scott’s affirmative response to the request.

“I was not expecting Dominic to ask me to formal,” Scott said. “When I opened my locker and hundreds of Post-Its fell out, I was surprised. Then, Dominic appeared with chocolate in his hands and asked me if I wanted to go to formal with him.”

Though Mendoza felt nervous about making the move, he decided to take a chance, he says. Based on his positive results, he encourages other guys to be brave in their asking endeavors.

“I hesitated a little before asking, but I decided to be brave and ask her, because I did not want to have regrets,” Mendoza said. “I think all guys should have confidence.”

Senior Justin Wilson approached his invitation to fellow senior Jenna Yee with careful planning. After considering ways to ask her, he decided to create a scavenger hunt. For this, he made a series of videos informing Yee of locations to seek out, which included her favorite sports, places and foods. Through the journey, she gathered letter clues, which spelled out “NOTS?”

“I think Jenna is an amazing girl and I wanted to ask her in a really creative way,” Wilson said. “I spent a lot of time thinking of my way and finally came up with it. I love going all out when I ask people, because I think the girls deserve it and I have a fun time doing it.”

Instead of making a big deal about asking girls to NOTS, however, some guys choose to ask their dates in a casual setting. Freshman Kyle Seo asked sophomore Stefi Peck at River Park while they were spending time with friends.

“When everyone left and it was just us two, he asked me to go to formal with him,” Peck said. “I was surprised because it was out of nowhere, but I am really excited to go with him.”

At times, the tradition of guys asking girls is changed up when a guy finds himself on the receiving side of things.

Since she is inviting a friend from another school, freshman Amanda Menes plans to take up the task of asking.

“I am planning on inviting a close guy friend from a different school,” Menes said. “Since he does not know about the event, it is my duty to ask him. I will make a drawing for him that says ‘NOTS?’ on it.”

As NOTS is considered a popular highlight of the school year, most students attend. However, some do not go because they want to avoid the hassle of catching a date. Instead of taking this approach, freshman Mikayla Messer prefers to experience NOTS with a group of friends.

“I would rather go with my friends to formal,” Messer said. “If I were to go with a date, it could be a little awkward. I want to have fun, not sit quiet at a table.”

For freshman Rayna Endicott, the anticipation of NOTS brings excitement for classic female formal traditions, as well as the fun of going to NOTS for the first time.

“It will be fun to see everyone dressed up,” Endicott said. “I also want to dress up, get my nails done and do all the girly things. I am also presenting an award, so I am looking forward to that as well.”

For more information on Night of the Stars, read the Jan. 24 article, BRIEF: NOTS tickets now on sale.

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  • E

    Elaine KarberSep 7, 2011 at 12:02 am

    Keep it up! I love the colors—these hats are “one of a kind.” What talent!

    Long Beach, CA

  • J

    Jeff HopperSep 7, 2011 at 12:02 am

    Maybe the single most enjoyable photo I have ever seen on The Feather! But how is it spelled: Kneufy the Knitter, or Neufy the Nitter?

  • D

    Dana KingSep 7, 2011 at 12:02 am

    I think that is so cool that all these boys are knitting. I sit by Ryan first period and he lets me know what’s going on in his knitting life. I love his hat too, he did such a good job. =)

  • S

    Sydney CarlsonSep 7, 2011 at 12:02 am

    You guys are awesome! Keep it up.

  • L

    Laura CasugaSep 7, 2011 at 12:02 am

    Love the beanies! Maybe I should schedule some lessons – I can crochet, but have always been a failure at knitting . . . .

  • A

    Alexandra BarisicSep 7, 2011 at 12:02 am

    I love this club; I think it is so funny to see all the guys walking around with their handmade knit hats!