Math budget matters

Other Staff

Students in Josh Tosland’s math and physical science classes have the opportunity to learn some lifelong lessons through math applications. In order to stray away from the typical equations and functions, Tosland has included various projects in his curriculum that will teach his students “math in the real world.”

“I hope the projects,” Tosland said, ” give the students more appreciation for all subjects. We [as teachers] are concerned that the students learn what is needed in life.”

The first project required that the students find out how math plays a role in everyday life. The students came back to class with newspaper and magazine ads, recipes from their kitchen, and even a blueprint of a house. They each attached a note card that described how math is important in each situation.

“Now, every time we ask why we need math,” Kelly Hacker,’03, said, “Mr. Tosland just points at the board that has all our projects.”

Students may not know how important math is now, but that is why Tosland wants to prepare them for the future.

The upcoming November project will teach the students how to manage their budget as if they were living on their own.

“They will choose a profession and learn how to pay for all their expenses: car payments, insurance of all kinds, food, utilities, and everything they will need,” Tosland said. “They will realize the great responsibilities of living on their own. They will learn how to be self-sufficient, independent, and accountable.”

Morgan Rigby, ’04, is in Tosland’s algebra 2 class and has plans to move out of her parents’ home as soon as she graduates.

“I can’t wait to be on my own,” Rigby said, “and this project we’re going to do will definitely give me some practice.”

Some students are excited to find out what it takes to live on their own.

“I don’t want to make any mistakes with money when I’m older,” Hannah Page, ’03, said. “I want to know what I’m doing?and I think this assignment will show me how exactly to manage everything.”

For more information on this and other math projects, see Tosland in room 604.