Online grades "invasion of privacy"

Other Staff

Dear editor,

I recently read the article by Randy Hill, a staff writer, about the grades back online for a new year. I think it is a great idea to have every student’s grade and homework posted on the Internet. I don’t think we should have given the password to our parents.

Even though I only have one C plus in English, and the rest of my grades are As and Bs, they are still down my throat every second I am home about how I need to improve my study skills and bring up my grades.

Considering this is my first year at Fresno Christian, I didn’t know about the online pages we had. Unfortunately, my parents got to it first with a password. Who would have ever given them that? Although I am pretty much grounded from everything until my grades come up more, I am able to check my grades every couple days to see how I am improving.

That is after I ask to get on the computer and I say why I’m getting on. I think it was a great idea to have an online site, but I don’t think we should have told our parents about it and if we did I don’t think we should have given them the password.

It’s always a great surprise for them when we bring home our report card, and we have all A’s or all F’s. That was all the fun to surprise my parents with my grades but now my mother looks my grades up every day to see how I did in every classroom.

Isn’t that like an invasion of privacy? Because I am just going insane being grounded for so long! My parents always know what homework I have and how long it’s going to take me, before I get home. What a pain! Other than my parents knowing every little detail about my grades and homework the online site was a great idea.

Well if worst comes to worst I guess this is the best thing for them to know about. Hey, at least she can’t read about my social life.